Kings and Kingdoms and Peons

World peace can happen. It is not am impossibility. Some people believe that human nature makes global conflict inevitable. I disagree.

Humans are born tabula rasa, which is a fancy way of saying that we are born with clean slates, ready to be shaped by whatever world awaits us. We are capable of living in virtually any condition. No matter what world we are raised in, we will do our best to adapt, survive and succeed.

Evolutionary scientists believe that we evolved as hunting apes. Therefore, we have both predatory and tribal instincts. If we are raised in a violent world, our violent tendencies will be selected upon and be present in society. If we are raised in a world of peace, our social tendencies would be selected upon, making us peaceful and cooperative. Human nature could just as easily support a world of peace as it does the world we have now.

If there was a world of peace, the human race would be able to sustain it. So, why don’t we have a world of peace right now?

The primary obstacle preventing us from achieving a world of peace is the world we are living in right now. We live in a violent world; a world that is divided amongst nations and religions and races. Just like all the generations of humans before us., we have been taught to hate and fight each other, so we hate and fight each other.

Why are we taught to hate and fight each other? The reason becomes clear if we look at a simplified view of the world.

Picture a King and a kingdom. The King is in charge of the kingdom, which consists of the royal family at the top, and then the peons fit into progressively lower positions with the lowest peons making up the majority of the population at the bottom rung. The King, and his entourage, make the decisions for the whole kingdom, and the decisions are usually in the best interest of the King and his entourage.

The kingdom trains armies of peons, able to fight and die for the kingdom. These peons fight to help expand the kingdom and allow the royal family to amass even more power. The peons do not benefit from fighting, so they have to be tricked into fighting. They are tricked into believing that they are fighting for patriotism, or for their religions, or for other fabricated reasons like for democracy, liberty or freedom. Other kings in other kingdoms do the same, wars are fought, the peons die, all the while the royalty sits back unscathed.

A kingdom cannot survive without the support of its lowest class. As long as the peons keep doing what they are told, and keep doing all the work, and fighting all the battles, the King will be happy and the royal family will remain in power.

If the peons were to unite, they would have the power to dethrone the King and take control of the kingdom, using it to make a better life for themselves. No longer would they have to to take orders from the self-serving royal family. The only remaining threat would be from outside kingdoms. The King and the royal family are aware of this, so they teach their peons to fight and hate each other so that they are never able to unite.

In today’s world, we still have Kings and kingdoms, only instead of being fixed geographically like they used to be, they are now overlapping all over the world. Kingdoms can be found in different types of establishments: in economics, in religious institutions, in military organizations, and in political systems. The peons are still here today, as well. Peons still do all the work and fight all the wars while the kings and the royal family sit on their comfortable thrones of luxury.

And, to complicate things, instead of just kings and peons in a kingdom, we have a hierarchies. This means that we have mini-kingdoms inside of bigger kingdoms, and these bigger kingdoms form up to make even bigger kingdoms with their own kings. Think of small businesses or small religious centers with a few peons with their respective kings. These kings are the peons of even bigger kingdoms with even bigger kings, and so forth.

Today, just like in the past, it is the peons who are the crucial component of the kingdom. If the peons of the world were to unite, they would have the power to dethrone the kings of the world and take control of the kingdoms, using them to make a better world for themselves.

The royal families are aware of this, so they have to ensure that the peons stay divided. Those who get to be mini-kings are secure in their mini-kingdoms, and they only want to make their kingdoms bigger. Those who are the bigger kings have even more power to divide the peons, so they maintain a system that keeps the peons impoverished, uneducated and teaches them to hate and fear each other, thereby ensuring the peons never have the means or the inclination to unite.

The kings of our world today are ensuring that our world remains as it is. We cannot wait for our kings to lead us to peace, since most of them are empowered with things being the way they are. It is up to the peons to stop fighting and hating each other. It is up to the peons to make world peace happen.

Today, more than ever, we have a way to unite. Never before have we been more connected than we are today. The Internet can serve to unite the voice of humans everywhere. Together, we can take back the reigns that control our destiny, and make the kingdom of earth owned by everyone. We can seize the power to redistribute the wealth and power of our world, eliminating the lowest of the peons and the greatest of the kings, eliminating extreme wealth and extreme poverty.

We have the power to make a better world for ourselves, and for everybody.

(I use the term “King” here for the sake of the example, but todays kings can be men or women. Also, if you are not a king and you are not royalty, then for the sake of this argument, you are a peon. Please don’t take this as demeaning or derogatory… for I too am peon.)

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