Thinking positively about the future of the world

The power of positive thinking is well known to everyone who is successful. When we put our minds to something and believe in ourselves, we will do well in whatever task we set forth for ourselves. A confident, optimistic attitude can make most everything a breeze.

I’ve been writing about issues like world peace and a better world for several years now, and when I discuss these issues, I’m met with a lot of confrontation. People who say it will never happen. People who think that I am dreaming of a Utopia.

If we brought peace to our world, it wouldn’t be a Utopia. Life will always be struggle. World peace won’t change the fact that we all want more for ourselves. But peace will only make it easier for everyone to get more. Instead of our world’s resources going towards warfare and destruction, we will be able to focus on progressing our world. In a world of peace, the collective power of the global village would be able to run the world for the betterment of all life on earth.

If enough people believe that world peace cannot happen, we can be sure that it won’t. So, when it comes to issues like world peace and a better world, the only way it will happen is when enough people are optimistic and believe it can happen. If enough of us believe and want world peace to happen, it will.

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