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There are two subjects that I believe should be taught in school, subjects that are equally important as science or arts.

The first subject : How to be happy

This course would teach us methods to find happiness and satisfaction from within ourselves. Happiness is something we all desire, so we should have a course that helps us to find it.

Topics in this course would include:

Meditation – Learning the techniques of meditation, and all of the benefits that meditation can bring, like a calm state of mind, and a gateway to self-introspection.
Thinking Positive – Learning how to think positive, and how effective the power of positive thinking can be to attaining goals and achieving dreams.
Confidence – Learning how to be self-confident, to be self-assured, and be satisfied with one’s self.

Topics like these would help our children learn the tools necessary to find happiness within themselves, and be able to apply them throughout their lives.

The second subject: Power in Society

This would be a course that is learned at a higher level, say at junior or senior high, for it covers some more complicated subjects.

Topics in this course would include:

Totalitarianism – Learning about the threat that totalitarianism and the impacts on society.
The Concentration of Power – Learning how power tends to concentrate if left to it’s own devices, and how it is up to the rest of society to combat the concentration of power for the good of the whole.
The Power of Technology – Learning how technology can be used to control society.

This course would be designed to ingrain notions like pluralism and true democracy into the social consciousness, thereby ensuring that totalitarianism will be kept in check.

I am sure this second course would not be easy to get implemented, for the topics it covers would create free thinking children, and our education system is designed to churn out mindless automatons to run the system. Still, it would be a good course for humanity.

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