The Biggest War of All

There is a war going on in our world today. It isn’t the war in Iraq, although Iraq is a symptom. It isn’t the war between the haves and the have-nots of the world, either. It is bigger than that.

The biggest war of all is raging inside of every living being on earth. It is a genetic war, the genetic will to power that lives inside all life. It is this war that results in all the violence we see, all the greed, all the injustice, all the poverty and all of the suffering on earth.

This war is being fought inside each of us. The biggest war of all is all inside our minds.

Our genetic codes tell us to always seek power, to always want more, and that no matter what we have achieved, no matter how much power we have gained, it can never be enough. Our very make-up, our core being, our subconscious level, ensures that we always progress by ensuring that we are never satisfied with what we already have.

The only way to fight our genes is with our memes. Our memes – our conscious thoughts – allow us to conceptualize our place in the world and the universe. We can use our power of thought to combat our genetically imposed permanent insatiation, by telling ourselves that we are indeed good enough, that we already have enough, and that no matter what happens, everything will be OK.

Persistent and eternally vigilant self-affirmation – learning to love one’s self – is the most effective weapon in this great war, and the only weapon that is sure to provide long-term satiation and happiness.

Once we gain the ability to silence our genetic drives using the power of thought, be it through meditation, self-introspection or whatever other means, we will no longer be victims in the biggest war of all, for we will have achieved inner peace.

Once enough humans are able to conquer the battle within themselves, we will achieve peace on earth, and humanity will embark on a new phase of existence.

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