An Open Letter

This is an open letter:

To the successful artists who bitch about p2p and piracy being stealing and hurtful to the industry while they live lives in the lap of luxury; a life that most of their fans will never see.

To the corporate execs and all the shareholders of ever expanding multinationals who are so determined to profit that the consequences of their actions become irrelevant to themselves, but of dire consequence to others.

To the economic materialists who insist on having nothing but the latest and greatest because who they are as a person depends on the stuff they have accumulated, and who would be empty without their possessions.

To all the wanna-bes who only wanna-be what they are told to be; to those who conform to who they think others expect them to be instead of just being themselves.

To the religious leaders and politicians who are more interested in maintaining and gaining power than to serve in the best interest of the people who support them.

To anyone too scared, lazy or content to care about those in the world who are suffering from the things that humanity has the power to prevent…

This is a big “screw you” to anyone who has the necessities of life and doesn’t have the inclination to help the rest of the world to achieve the same.

Anyone can make a difference. Anyone can improve the world. And since anyone can help to improve the world, everyone is responsible for the world, whether they choose to help or not.

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