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Marijuana and Hemp

Monday, May 1st, 2006

A while ago, I wrote a paper and made a short movie about the many uses of hemp and how it should be legalized and brought back into mainstream usage.

And while there is a lot of talk of legalization of marijuana here in Canada, I don’t believe it is likely to happen without the support of a large percentage of the population. There is just too much money at stake. Marijuana and hemp represent a threat to too many existing industries.

Who will lose if Marijuana is legalized:

Law Enforcement – Those who enforce marijuana laws (and all drug laws) will face a threat to their job security if marijuana is legalized.

Criminals – Those who profit from organized crime and the black market sales of marijuana will no longer get grossly over-inflated prices for something people can grow at home.

The Prison System – Prison systems cost billions a year… and there are millions of people incarcerated for marijuana related offenses.

The Alcohol Industry – They will lose shares in the market of drugs used for recreation.

The Tobacco Industry – They will lose shares in the market of drugs used for recreation.

The Caffeine Industry – They will lose shares in the drug market.

The Pharmaceutical Industry – Legalized marijuana would take away billions of dollars currently spent on less effective and more expensive treatments than marijuana can provide at a fraction of the cost.

Legalized marijuana will be a multi-billion dollar industry. It could be taxed and regulated, opening up a whole new market. If we consider that Alcohol is a leading factor in both traffic accidents and incidents of violence, we should be looking for alternatives, and Marijuana is a good one.

But lets not forget the illustrious hemp market. Hemp can make food, clothing, fuel, plastic, paper and wood, meaning that industrial hemp threatens many more multi-billion dollar industries.

There is too much money at stake. We all know the power that lobbyists can have over legislation… and with this many billion dollar industries at risk, the legalization of marijuana and hemp will continue to be a long & hard battle.

And that is a shame. Cannabis Sativa (aka hemp, marijuana, pot, weed, grass etc) is a benign plant that could do a lot of good for a whole lot of people.

More people need to know the truth about marijuana and hemp. Only the will of an educated public can bring about the legalization of marijuana.