Suggestion: Think Positive

The power of suggestion is a well-known phenomenon. It works by influencing our subconscious, which in turn influences our conscious, thereby affecting our decision making. Some psychologists go so far as to believe that all of our decisions are made via the subconscious, and the conscious can only serve to rationalize the decision after it is made.

Regardless of how it works, our minds are open to suggestions from anything in the environment around us. This is how advertisements work, by targeting the subconscious mind… giving us suggestions on how to act and what we should buy (be it a new car or a tasty meal).

Suggestions can also come from within ourselves. We can give ourselves suggestions, and thereby influence our own decision making. If we tell ourselves the same messages over and over, we will begin to act accordingly. We can use the power of suggestion to take control of the way we think.

The power of positive thinking works via the power of suggestion. If we repeatedly tell ourselves that we will be successful, we will be. It is that simple. A positive state of mind will allow us to do whatever we put our mind to. A confident, optimistic attitude can make most everything a breeze.

If we have not yet learned how to think positively, then the transition from a doubtful, negative state to a positive, optimistic state can take time… many months or even years. But if we keep at it and stick to it we can be assured of finding success.

If you want to make all of your dreams come true… start programming your mind now. Choose to be positive and think positive from now on. Choose right now. Do it.

Start by finding (or making) a short list of positive phrases. Feel free to borrow a few that I use:

Today will be a good day.
I will succeed in everything I do.
I feel strong. I feel healthy. I feel happy.

Print off the list and keep it by your bed. Every night, before you go to sleep, read the list to yourself to prepare for the next day. Everyday, when you wake up in the morning, read the list again. Don’t just skim. Take the time to internalize each of your phrases, and then try to recall your positive phrases throughout the day, especially when you come upon a stressful situation.

Once positive thinking becomes part of your daily routine, feeling positive and optimistic will also become part of your routine. Then, you will find that feeling positive and optimistic are the keys to success, to finding happiness and making your dreams come true.

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