Ain’t ’bout the bling no mo’

Kurzweil’s new book The Singularity is Near describes in detail the possibilities that the future has in store for us, including the many uses of nanotechnology.

Nano-based machinery will be able to replicate any physical object, be it clothing, housing, computer or machine using nothing but raw materials and solar energy. Nano-sized robots will be able to attach themselves to the synapses of our brains to interrupt the nerve impulses from our body’s sensory organs and replace them with simulated signals, thereby enabling Matrix-style virtual reality… making simulated reality as real as actual reality.

Kurzweil optimistically predicts that this technology will be available by 2020. If, and when, this technology becomes readily available, it will make obsolete the concept of material possessions. It will take much less to go a lot further, giving everyone the chance to have more than plenty.

When material worth becomes meaningless, we will see how ignorant our generation is being… endlessly pursuing the quest to satiate our insatiable desires through fleeting acquisitions and empty purchases. Buying things like new toys, the latest gadgets, designer clothing, fancy meals, bling, mansions, expensive vehicles, and countless others – in a vain attempt to find happiness and the feeling of worth via material possessions.

All the while thousands of children die from starvation and easily preventable/treatable diseases every single day!!!.

How foolish and selfish we can be.

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