Global Voting System

I’ve got an idea… how about we build a system that gives us a way to have our voices be heard. A way for me and you to have a say in what goes on in our neighbourhoods, our cities, our countries, and our world.

A Global Voting System (GVS) would do just that… bring us real democracy – the kind of democracy where everyone gets an equal say in everything that goes on. Using existing infrastructure like the Internet, and with the support of enough people, we could have a voting system that reached everywhere on earth. Just imagine what we could do when we empower humanity.

Why? The potential of the GVS is enormous. It could start by uniting neighbourhoods, as people come together discussing issues and trying to get improvements made. It could go on to unite the people of the world, as we all come to see that humans everywhere are essentially the same… how underneath differences like language, religion and culture, we all share the same genes, the same core beliefs, the same desires and the same dreams for ourselves and our loved ones. A Global Voting System could come to unite the voice of the human race.

How would it work? Voting would take place from a local voting booth, and eventually from home or from a cell phone type device. After passing security checks that will ensure both anonymity and the uniqueness of the person voting, they would then be able to access new ballots to vote on, and could then proceed to vote for, vote against, or abstain. One could also review and modify previously voted upon ballots.

To create a ballots (i.e. an issue to be voted upon), one could input a description of the issue, select the area impacted by the the issue, then submit it to the GVS. A 1 ballot per person per month rule would help to limit spam.

Also, to keep the effects of spam to a minimum, the GVS could use an accolade-type vote ranking system, where newly created ballots are only sent to a small percentage of the total voters, then, as the ballot receives more and more positive votes, it get sent to more and more people (like Shoutwire, Digg and others). That way, for, say, a global issue to reach everyone in the world, it will have already received the support of a large number of people.

The GVS system itself would need to be open-source to make it transparent, dynamic and flexible to ensure it can adapt to new technology and new ideas, and distributed to nodes all over the world to ensure shared ownership by humans everywhere.

Will it be perfect? No… but the systems we have in our world right now aren’t perfect either. Dictatorships, tyrants, self-serving politicians, corrupt governments, extreme poverty, and war. We can do better than this. We deserve better than this. A GVS is something that will empower everyone… and give us a way to take control of our world’s future and the future of the human race.

We have the means to make it happen, and we have every reason to make it happen. We should build a Global Voting System. Start talking. Lets make it happen.

Check out the full article about the GVS here.

Also, there is a Wiki version of the GVS here, meaning anyone can help contribute to the GVS concept.

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  1. Hi! Ok, you’re famous now, good. Now, are you serious about the global voting system? You have been talking about it for years now. You said open source right? Where is the project? Is it on GitHub?


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