News Flash: News Media Causes Societal Amnesia

“11,000 people died from starvation today”
“Thousands were slaughtered in Darfur in the last 24 hours”
“Over 20,000 people died from Malaria this week”

Stories like these rarely make the news, even though they happen every single day. Stories like these are depressing… all the human misery and suffering. Rarely do our news stations ever discuss world issues like these… the one’s where humans are dying daily for long periods of time.

That’s probably because the news people want to shelter us from the bleak and depressing reality of the world, right? Fuck no. Look at the sensationalist trash they feed us every single night… murders, accidents, acts of violence, and all the other crap that fills out society with fear. If that isn’t depressing, then I don’t know what is.

No… the News Media doesn’t cover the persistent issues of the world for if they did, people would be more inclined to do something about it. If everyday, we were presented with a top 10 list of all the causes of death in the world… our society would be more inclined to openly discuss these issues daily. And discussion would lead to solutions as more people decided to do something about it.

So instead of risking a society that openly discusses real issues, the news media changes the focus of the news every day. Real issues, like starvation and preventable disease, are bumped aside for the news of the day… keeping a society that jumps from one issue to the next, but never addresses anything of real substance.

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