Choice, liberty and freedom

The concepts of free choice and free will are integral parts of liberty and freedom. It is part of our social consciousness to value free choice, but are we really free to choose?

Yes, within the limited scope of our independent thought, we can make choices that will affect the future… our own future and the future of those around us. We can choose from day to day what we do, how we act and so forth. But humans are a highly suggestible species that rely heavily on mimicry, making our daily choices less independent than we may like to admit.

Furthermore, the everyday decisions we make depends on who we are at the instant of making the choice. Who we are at any given instant depends on the everyday decisions we have previously made. The decisions we previously made were a result of who we were at the the instant we made the choice, and who we were at that instant is the result of previously made decisions. If we follow this recursive pattern backwards, we end up to a point where we had absolutely no choice at all.

We never chose our genes, our parents, our upbringing… all important factors in affecting who we become (apart from the metaphysical possibility of being able to choose one’s own birth). We had absolutely no choice from birth until the time that we developed our first independent thoughts, say around two years old. Since then, we’ve only been able to make choices based on who we are at any given instant. Our lives may be the result of a lifetime’s worth of decisions based on who we are at any given moment, but the range of possibilities for us to be has always been predetermined.

Every one of us is stuck in the life we must live.

Still, everyone of us can choose the direction our lives head towards. We can choose to make our own lives better, and to self-improve and self-love and think positively and work towards a better world for ourselves.

More importantly, every single one of us can choose the kind of life those in the future get stuck into. We can choose to use what little free choice we have to make a better life for our children, and all of the world’s children to be.

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