Some of the ideas presented here, such as those that criticize the American political system, could be called unAmerican (especially by someone from Fox). Well, for starters, I am Canadian (if the .ca domain wasn’t a give away) so all of my comments are Canadian, if nationality really means anything.

Also, please understand that when I criticize the US, I am not against the US citizens, even those with opposing points of view. Most Americans are humans who have had no choice but to be raised in America, and to become Americans, just as Canadian children have little choice but to be Canadian.

Someone might say that Americans should only listen to Americans, and I should just shut my Canadian yap. If it were Portugal, or Yemen, or any other country, I might agree, but the United States is a rogue superpower. The US has the most powerful military force in the world combined with a war-loving government. So it is of interest to every human on earth to pay attention to US politics.

And, since the Internet can reach people everywhere including Americans, it is important to use any peaceful means available to share these ideas with them. For it is up to the American people to rise up and get their country back under control, to stop its crimes against humanity, and to use its great wealth and power to make the world a better place to live.

So, to any American that may be reading, know this:

Americans who criticize the US government are being patriotic because dissent is a way of protecting the country when the government’s actions are hurting America.

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One Response to “unAmerican”

  1. N/A says:

    I recently saw you video blog on Google “The war on Terror”. I must say, being an American, I completely disagree with you. You claim that the only way for peace is
    1. self love
    2. co- existence
    3. forgiveness
    4. patience
    … okay, those are all great things, really they are. Love is the most important thing in the whole intire world, but you failed to mention one thing. There never has been peace and there never will be peace. There has been wars since the begining of time, before America, mind you. I’m not trying to say I don’t want peace, everyone wants peace, but there comes a time when peace isn’t an option. Take Terriosts for example, not islamic people, bad people in general. Your trying to tell me, that our generation can change peoples views and religious beliefs. Again, not pionting out just the terriosts in the middle east. Just for example: In the Koran, it states any person living and breathing on earth who is not a beliver, can and should be killed??? Hmmm… don’t sound to peaceful to me. Take suicide bombers for example, they don’t care who they kill,hell, they f***** blow themselfs up. I don’t know about you, but trying to convince them for peace would be pretty damn hard. I don’t know maybe you need to refresh my brain, tell me again how our generation can pull off world peace.


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