unknown soldier

Canada has troops in Afghanistan fighting for, according to the government’s Canada-Afghanistan web page, to “defend our national interests, ensure Canadian leadership in world affairs, and help Afghanistan rebuild”. But it seems to me its really about promoting democracy via the barrel of a gun, by fighting and dying to install leaders whose interests coincide with the Canadian leader’s interests.

Whatever the goals, as Canadians, we get to hear about the costs. Our news media covers the death of each solider, each family left behind, every funeral… every story. Our nation mourns our fallen soldiers.

Does the US news media cover their fallen soldiers? I don’t know, for I’m not exposed to enough US news to say for sure. But if can base my opinion on hearsay and conjecture, they don’t. And I can see why. The thousands who have died would mean Americans hearing about dead US soldiers nearly every single day. Covering up the truth, covering up the loss, is a way to try to keep the support of the US population by keeping them blind to the real costs of war.

If more people see the real costs of war, the support for war will shrink. That’s why our media should tell us, everyday, the total numbers of innocent men, women and children, as well as soldiers, whose lives are lost, no matter which side of the war they are on.

If the real costs of war are shown to us every single day, we might be less inclined to support war, and more inclined to find alternatives to solving our problems.

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One Response to “unknown soldier”

  1. asu says:

    nope…we don’t really hear about it. in fact its against the law to take a picture of a soldiers coffin. sometimes it does get through though. i’ve seen a couple of shows on soldiers who have been maimed or crippled for life. lately however, i wouldn’t know. i stopped watching network news a long time ago. i get my news from the real network now. the internet. its alot harder for them to censor anything on the net. almost impossible. that’s one of our great strenghts. things like this blog which i just happened to stumble across on a video sharing site. of course, without net nuetrality this may all change.

    i bookmarked you, so keep up the good work.


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