War & Peace, part 3

In the first part of this three part series, we talked about how peace is possible, especially when we believe it is. The second part covered the issue of how we all have a war waging inside of us, and how warfare is the result of our leaders wanting more and using their power to get more.

This part is about peace, and how our generation can make world peace a reality.

As discussed in part 2, there is a war waging inside of everyone. So, in order to find world peace, we should start by looking inwards. Seeking inner peace is the first step that anybody can take in the quest for world peace.

Using introspective exercises, like yoga, prayer, meditation, walking in nature, or anything else that allows one to routinely reflect quietly by one’s self, it is possible to achieve a calm center. While the quest for inner peace can take a lifelong commitment and be a never-ending struggle, it is definitely worth the effort.

Personally, I choose meditation and yoga, and I feel it works quite well to help me find my center and achieve a confident, positive state of mind. When I meditate, I try to shed off all of my doubts, wash away my fears, and to cast off the shackles of my organic existence. Sometimes I train myself to overcome attachment to worldly possessions by learning to let go of everything that I care to lose. Other times, I reflect until I achieve a sense of peace and oneness with all of existence.

Seeking inner peace can be an exhilarating experience. The quest for inner peace can bring us the buoyancy to float above our fears and doubts, and to live each day with less stress and more joy. While the attainment of complete inner peace only lasts for a fleeting moment (for me, anyway), the sense of well-being that comes with calming one’s mind can persist well beyond the moment, carrying over into everyday life.

The calm and relaxed state achieved from introspective exercises also makes it easier to envision a world where nations no longer go to war. Finding peace within ourselves makes it easier to believe in world peace. Belief is essential; belief is hope. Hope is like willing something to happen, and with enough people believing and willing, world peace will happen.

A calm center as well as belief in world peace are both essential for finding world peace. It is also important to see warfare for what it really is – indiscriminate and violent destruction for the sake of making powerful people more powerful. War between nations is the result of greedy leaders wanting more; leaders who are willing to profit from killing and dying.

This means that, in order to achieve world peace, it will be necessary to be able to strip power away from those who would use it to do us harm. The only way to strip power away from society’s most powerful members is for the rest of society to stand up, to unite, and thereby resist tyranny. With unity, with solidarity, humans everywhere will be able to regain control of the reigns that steer the human race, and use these reigns to ensure that we head towards a brighter future.

Global unity is not about pacts between political leaders, nor is it about contracts between multi-national corporations. Global unity is about a connection between all of the people who make up the populations of all the world’s nations – all of the families coming together to create a global family. We can keep our families, our distinct identities, our nationalities, our religions and cultures, and still become part of a global collective as members of a tolerant and accepting global village.

True, words such as these have been uttered before, and yet we’ve never known world peace. But, in our modern world, we’ve never needed world peace more. And never more than today have we had the means. With new technology, like wiki, instant messaging, global voting and video sharing, the world has never been more connected. We can use our connectedness to see that, despite our differences, we all share many important things.

For one, we all have the same genes, meaning we all have the same basic needs. We all share similar dreams for ourselves and our loved ones. We all share one planet. More importantly, except for a tiny percentage of the world, we all share the desire peace. No matter where one originates, what ideology someone follows, or what culture someone is, chances are they want to live in peace.

Most importantly, human beings everywhere want more. We all want more, and world peace will give us more. Since there would be no one left to fight, the world’s military budgets could be used for purposes like education, health care and other things that improve quality of life. Our resources and our lives could be spent on construction, rather than destruction… on helping instead of hurting.

Our generation, more so than any other generation before, has the ability to make world peace a reality. We have the power, we need only to seize it.

So, to answer the question “How can our generation hope to find world peace?”, it is by understanding the nature of war, by finding peace within ourselves, by believing that world peace is possible, by using our technology to help us unite as a species on a global scale, and then by using the power of unity to prevent our leaders from using their power to do us harm.

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