The Divided States of America

The US is currently the most powerful nation in the world. It has the power to do the most to improve the quality of life on earth. And yet, it does not… in fact, much of the world is against the actions that America has taken, both recently and in the past.

It surely cannot be the will of the US population to harm the world, so how can America the Great be responsible for any such claims?

Well, the negative impact that the US has on the world is due to the actions of the decision making minority. Relatively small groups of US elites are willing to harm the world in order to gain power for themselves.

Now, one would think that the actions of corrupt leaders would be kept in check by the rest of society, as they should be in a functioning democracy. But in America this is not happening… the leaders of the country are steering America towards goals that most of the people do not want.

How can this be?

One reason is that the US population is highly polarized. Americans are divided, and when they are divided, they can be conquered. That is how the US leaders can continue to harm to their own population and the rest of the world… by ensuring that Americans are too busy fighting amongst themselves to be able to unite and dispose of their selfish and destructive leaders.

Racial segregation. Pro-life vs pro-choice. Same-sex marriage. Liberal vs Conservative. Republican vs Democrat. War Vs Peace. Fox News vs The Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Tolerance vs Intolerance. These all drive the nation apart, keeping enough in-fighting to keep the American political system as is.

The real power is with the people, but as long as they remain split, the government and other societal leaders can do what they want, the corporations can do what they want, and the US population on both sides will continue getting screwed while the world continues to feel the wrath of America’s might.

It is up to the US population to overcome their superficial differences and get along for long enough to cleanse the corruption from their system, and then use their might for improving their own country and the world.

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