re: Hell in a Handbasket

The following is a copy of an email I sent to Bill Maher, via his fan email address, meaning it probably will just get filtered. But the message applies to any celebrity or person in a position of power.

Dear Bill Maher,

I’ve been a fan of your work for many years, and always enjoy what you and your guests have to say on topical issues. In a recent episode of “Real Time”, you were talking with the NYT’s Frank Rich about remaining optimistic, and you mentioned how you felt that the world was “going to hell in a hand basket”.

While you may very well be right, might I make a suggestion? As an influential celebrity many of your viewers agree with whatever you say. If you tell them that you have lost hope, they may also adopt some of that pessimistic attitude.

To get to where you are, I am sure you know how important it is to think positively in order to achieve your goals. Well, the same goes for the world. Rather than nay-say, you could use your celebrity clout to encourage thinking positively about the future of the world in order to spread hope to your viewers… for hope is essential to improve the world.

Also, as I am sure you are aware, the neoconservatives are disciples of Straussian philosophy, part of which is to propagate simple and easily believable myths. Seeing how effective it is, perhaps you could take a page out of their playbook, and start spreading a few myths of your own.

Here’s a few I thought of:

“The World is getting more peaceful!”
“Terrorists are not coming to get you”
“The US political system is being cleansed of its corruption!.”

Keep up the good work.

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