Both war and peace are self-perpetuating.

War is caused by hate, and war creates hate. War happens when people are divided, and war makes people divided. War is caused by people being selfish, and war makes people selfish. When war-profiteers profit from war, war-profiteers gain more power to wage war.

Peace enables love, and love enables peace. Peace is about togetherness, and unity brings peace. Peace helps the whole community, and a healthier community is more likely to be peaceful.

When part of the status quo is war, part of the establishment got to be powerful from war… ergo, part of the establishment wants to preserve war to preserve their power.

To stay in power, they need to keep us divided and unable to stop them. When we are unable to unite and stop them, they stay in power.

The more we come together, the louder our voice will be, and the more power we will have to make the world what we want it to be.

The more we invest into things that bring peace, the more peace we can make now, and the more peace we will have in the future.

If we want peace on earth, we need to continually lean towards peace and try to steer our species in the right direction so that we might eventually create a self-sustaining world of peace.

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