Some Documentary Reviews

America: Freedom to Facism

The premise of America: Freedom to Facism is that the majority of Americans are under no obligation to pay income tax, that income tax is a scam, and that the IRS is running fraudulent, illegal activities.

Education and roads, and most things that people assume is being funded by income tax actually comes from other sources, like local property taxes, and gasoline tax. The trillions of dollars that people pay in income tax only go to pay off interest on the national debt, and make federal reserve bankers more powerful. Income tax is just a way to shift wealth to the rich and control the population.

If you are a regular American, you should watch this documentary, because you may not have to pay income tax ever again. It is available for free on Google video, click here to see it.

Human 2.0

BBC’s Horizon put out an hour long special called Human 2.0, which covers the upcoming singularity where humans will be able to transcend biology. Covering the latest advances in neurotechnology and computers, Human 2.0 shows how in the future we will be able to use technology to redefine humanity.

The programme covers issues like how we will be able to extend life indefinetly with technology, as well as create artilects, which are artificial intellects that can be trillions of times more intelligent than humans today.

The main theme is a derivation of the works of Ray Kurzweil, whose work is fascinating. In fact, I find the whole notion of a singularity to be very hope inspiring.

Anyone interested can find a full version of the program on the Horizon webpage

Most of Our Universe is Missing

Another BBC Horizon programme, Most of Our Universe is Missing is an introduction to the Standard Model of the Universe, where the Universe is made of 4% Atoms (matter visible and detectable to us), 21% dark matter (stuff that has mass but can only, and of yet, be detected indirectly), and 75% dark energy (which is causing our universe to expand at an increasing rate).

The science is brought down to a layman’s level, and the visuals and graphics are terrific. A write-up about the special can be found here.

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