One Big Mob

We are all one big family, whether someone chooses to see it or not. We are all connected. The suffering of others is our own suffering, even if we choose to ignore it or rationalize it as not our fault.

When people are suffering and we have the power to prevent it, it is our responsibility. It is your responsibility, my responsibility, and the responsibility of anyone with the power to help. We should be doing what we can to help them.

Its just that too many people in the wealthy nations are content… content to live selfish, indulgent lives, buying what everyone else buys (and what they are told to buy) and living how everyone else around them lives, like mindless sheeple. All the while a lot of the world suffers.

It is bullshit. Just because we have the luxury of ignoring the realities of the world, doesn’t mean we should.

What can most people’s meager wealth do for the millions who starve to death annually?

Close to nothing.

But wealth is not our only asset… we have connections, and we have a voice. We can convince those around us to help to make the world a better place. You have connections to other people with connections… if you were to convince them to start convincing people they knew, imagine how much good could be done.

When enough people care about the same thing, real changes can happen. We – the people in the wealthy nations – have the power right now to alleviate a lot of the suffering in the world, if we’d come together to embrace the power and use it.

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