Be Optimistic because LIFE IS AWESOME!

Having fear and doubt is a natural part of human existence… these things exist inside nearly everyone. But it is possible to train yourself to be confident and successful despite having fear and insecurity. If we’ve never before been trained in the art of positive thinking, it can take time for us to master it, but anyone can do it… we all have the ability to harness the power of optimism. And even if it takes several years to master being optimistic, any effort we put towards being positive now makes it easier to be positive in the future.

Part of thinking positive is to practice entering confident and optimistic states of mind. One technique I like to use is to think about motivational thoughts and ideas. Ideas like the Power of Positive thinking, which says that thinking good, optimistic thoughts is often enough to make good things happen. And other ideas like The Law of Attraction, which claims that the universe will provide you with what you wish for if you believe it, visualize it and feel it happening. Also, there’s Deepak Chopra’s Law Pure Potentiality that says we can use our minds to create what we want out of our own existence.

While I am practicing entering confident and optimistic states of mind, I like to re-iterate simple phrases like “Good things are going to happen”, or “No doubt it’s OK!”, or “All you can ever do is just be yourself” or “Yes, you are good enough” (or even better “Yes, you will succeed”), and other such similar phrases.

Then, when I come upon stressful situations, or when I feel in doubt, or insecure, or inadequate, I remind myself of one or more of my sayings… and as I conjure up those phrases, I simultaneously (and almost automatically) conjure up the positive and optimistic state of mind I was in while thinking those thoughts. Confidence training makes it easier for me to remain strong in the face of adversity.

Often, we may feel like we are being judged, by others or by society in general. But worrying about what others think is really an extension of us judging ourselves. If we judge ourselves as worthy, then we need not worry about what others think of us… for they will see that we – the one who knows ourselves the best – have already judged and deemed ourselves worthy. And even if others don’t like us, it doesn’t matter, because we like ourselves.

Judging ourselves as being worthy of whatever we desire, combined with being strong, confident and optimistic, makes it easier to attain success in whatever goals we set for ourselves. The more we practice being confident and optimistic, the more we will be confident and optimistic during even the most trying of times.

This will allow us to be happy in life, to enjoy life, and to get the most out of each and every day. And this is important, because LIFE IS AWESOME!

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