Fast Food Nation

I just saw a screening of the movie Fast Food Nation, and if I had to describe it as if it were on a fast food menu, it would be “An eye-opening feast of dissent sprinkled with celebrity cameos, all neatly packaged into several intertwined stories full of compelling characters.”

The film presents many dissenting ideas pertaining to things like mass meat production, contaminated food, artificial flavouring, animal cruelty, pollution, and many other things related the industrial corporate food machine. If someone hasn’t seen or heard ideas like those presented in the film, then the whole 2 hours may be an unpleasant shock.

I cannot believe that Fox, of all companies, was behind this. I guess the corporate machine can even profit off criticism of corporate machines. I suppose it is inevitable… the growing problems of modern consumer culture must surely be creating a growing market of dissent that can be tapped into.

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