Silence is Consent

Those of us who do not speak out against the stripping of civil liberties empower those who are taking away our rights.

Those of us who do not discuss the unjust distribution of wealth are allowing billions to live in extreme poverty.

Those of us who do not look critically at our political system and our politicians are perpetuating corruption in the government.

Those of us who do not actively seek peace, either inner peace or world peace, are contributing to war on earth.

When it comes to anything wrong in the world that we have the power to change: those of use who do not actively voice our opinions, those of us who are too scared or too content to speak out…. we are the ones responsible for all that continues to be wrong in the world.

Inaction is consent. Fear is consent. Ignorance is consent. Silence is consent.

We all have a choice to make the world a better place. If we do not choose to act, then we are choosing to be part of the problem.

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