May the Swartz be with you

Jeffrey Swartz, CEO of Timberland & environmental activist, while on the Colbert Report said a few things I found to be quite refreshing to hear from the head of a billion dollar corporation.

On the free market:

“I have a deep respect for the free market. The free market is one of the most creative forces that exists anywhere in the world, and in this great democracy, there is nothing more powerful than the free market. But the free market can be part of a solution that is broader than just delivering this quarter’s earnings.”

On making profit:

“[I care about making profit], but that’s not the only expectation for a CEO these days. I am absolutely convinced, and I am not the only one in the fortune 1000, that believe that commerce and justice don’t have to be two different ideas. That you can make a living, that you can create wealth for your shareholders, and you can have a positive social impact. You can be responsible for the way you run your business. You don’t need to [exploit] the environment.”

He also speaks of being carbon neutral, of taking responsibility for your environmental footprint, for renewable energy, for reducing consumption, and for employee friendly policies. He says that you can do all of this, an more, and still be profitable.

Heres a clip from the show:

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