The Insurgent Mind

Ever wonder what is going on inside the minds of the Iraqi insurgents… the ones who use guerrilla tactics against the American soldiers?

Well, apart from having different cultures and religions, the people in Iraq are pretty much like everyone else… just like me and you. Therefore, to see inside the insurgent mind, all we have to do is ask ourselves what we would do in their situation.

Just imagine what you would do if your own city were to become occupied by the soldiers of a foreign power that was intent on enforcing their way of life upon you. Would you go down without putting up some kind of fight?

While we may not condone the use of violence, it is easy to see why one would at least want to put up some kind of a fight. Furthermore, as one is surrounded by increasing chaos, so too grows the likelihood of resorting to the use of violence.

Even if this foreign power could somehow provide a better way of life, most people would stop listening the instant a fellow citizen was killed in the streets. And from there on, the liberators become the enemy, and the invaders lose all hope of instilling order (if that was indeed their goal).

So, even without having the distinct cultures within Iraq (that are now engaged in a civil war), the invasion would have been unlikely to succeed because humans are not easily forced into changing, unless they are willing to change to begin with.

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