What we need

What we need is a way to monitor the use of power on earth. We need to make transparent all of our hierarchies, be it political, religious or business, and make clear all of the ways that power is maintained and used.

We also need a way to dispose of those who chose to abuse their power for their own good at the cost of the rest of us and the earth. We need a way for the masses to, whenever necessary, peacefully and systematically dethrone anyone in a position of power… a way to strip their power and redistribute it if they are not using it in our best interest.

If we the people had this power then the greedy, selfish billionaires, the lying religious leaders, and the corrupt politicians would be on thin ice, and their actions would reflect the fragility of their situation.

We could end war and end extreme poverty because we would have the power to topple any leader who makes war or spreads hatred, and to strip the wealth of any billionaire who didn’t use their power to improve the quality of life for all people.

Well… the power to do this is already available. We could create a world without war, a world without extreme poverty… if we choose. All we need to do is let our collective voice be heard. Make some noise. Use your voice to make other people want to use their voice. When enough of us are demanding the same thing, those with the most power on earth will have no choice but to make it happen.

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