Nanotech assemblers

If you are not yet familiar with the concept of a nanotech assembler, its a device that can replicate anything, as long as it has the materials and the blueprints for the desired product. A nanotech assembler can take in things like carbon and silicon and churn out a computer, a medical device, or even more nanotech assemblers. A short movie about nanotech assemblers can be found here.

A device such as this, as long as it were made available to everyone who wanted or needed one, could result in a shift of power the likes we’ve never seen on earth before. We would no longer have extreme poverty on earth, since everyone could have their basic needs met quite easily with humanity’s new technology.

The future has the potential to be a time of great abundance for all of us.

It is my hope that as we progress in a world with technology advancing at an increasing rate, that we will overcome our differences and end war on earth. I hope we will learn to use our technology for the good of all things, and that we – the people of the world – will come together to embrace our place in the world and accept the global family as our own.

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