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Nanotech assemblers

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

If you are not yet familiar with the concept of a nanotech assembler, its a device that can replicate anything, as long as it has the materials and the blueprints for the desired product. A nanotech assembler can take in things like carbon and silicon and churn out a computer, a medical device, or even more nanotech assemblers. A short movie about nanotech assemblers can be found here.

A device such as this, as long as it were made available to everyone who wanted or needed one, could result in a shift of power the likes we’ve never seen on earth before. We would no longer have extreme poverty on earth, since everyone could have their basic needs met quite easily with humanity’s new technology.

The future has the potential to be a time of great abundance for all of us.

It is my hope that as we progress in a world with technology advancing at an increasing rate, that we will overcome our differences and end war on earth. I hope we will learn to use our technology for the good of all things, and that we – the people of the world – will come together to embrace our place in the world and accept the global family as our own.

What we need

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

What we need is a way to monitor the use of power on earth. We need to make transparent all of our hierarchies, be it political, religious or business, and make clear all of the ways that power is maintained and used.

We also need a way to dispose of those who chose to abuse their power for their own good at the cost of the rest of us and the earth. We need a way for the masses to, whenever necessary, peacefully and systematically dethrone anyone in a position of power… a way to strip their power and redistribute it if they are not using it in our best interest.

If we the people had this power then the greedy, selfish billionaires, the lying religious leaders, and the corrupt politicians would be on thin ice, and their actions would reflect the fragility of their situation.

We could end war and end extreme poverty because we would have the power to topple any leader who makes war or spreads hatred, and to strip the wealth of any billionaire who didn’t use their power to improve the quality of life for all people.

Well… the power to do this is already available. We could create a world without war, a world without extreme poverty… if we choose. All we need to do is let our collective voice be heard. Make some noise. Use your voice to make other people want to use their voice. When enough of us are demanding the same thing, those with the most power on earth will have no choice but to make it happen.

One World

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

The idea of having world peace and global cooperation is not new… it has existed for hundreds of years, if not more. In the late 18th century, Immanuel Kant proposed a league of nations (which today would be the United Nations) in his thesis on perpetual peace. In the late 60’s and early 70’s John Lennon had a “War is Over” campaign, which pushed the idea that world peace will happen if people believe it is possible and then make it happen.

Today, millions, if not billions, of people share the dream of humans co-existing without the need for international warfare. Yet it still eludes us… why?

One reason might be how the powers that be want to maintain the status quo (and therefore war), because they want to preserve their own power. Another might be how the unjust distribution of wealth (where a tiny percentage of the population controls nearly all the wealth) requires the majority population to be segregated, therefore the things that make us divided (like teaching religious intolerance or racism) have become institutionalized.

But really, most of the things that keep us from achieving world peace boil down to our inherent will to power (greed) and our desire to maintain the power we already have (fear). The status quo, the establishment, and our hierarchies are self-sustaining because the more power someone has, the less likely they will be to use it to change the system. This means that while we all want world peace, none of us want to risk losing what we already have, so we keep our mouths shut and never rock the boat.

But there is nothing inherent in humans that would prevent us from having a world of peace were we to achieve one. The world we have now is the world we were all born into… we’ve been taught hatred and violence and selfishness by the violent and selfish world around us. But if the world around us were peaceful and loving, we would learn peace and love.

If we had a world of peace, every new generation would be taught how to find the peace and calm within themselves. Just as a world of war makes it easy to believe in the inherent violence amongst humans (which thereby serves to perpetuate war), a world of peace would be self-perpetuating because world peace would make it easy to believe in the inherent peace and love amongst humans.

The quest for inner peace can help us find ways to constructively deal with our instincts like greed and fear. When we pursue inner peace, we get a sense of well-being and the ability to co-exist in peace with most anybody. So it is not world peace that is eluding us… if we had world peace, we would be able to keep it.

What eludes us is the desire and the will to transition to a world of peace, and this is lacking because we do not believe we can make it happen. As long as we cave to our fears and our doubts, we will squander our power to change the world and thereby pass the problems of todays world onto future generations.

So rather than live in fear and let war continue, we should be brave and believe in world peace. We need to truly believe it can happen, because it can!

The more we all want peace, the more we will contribute towards making the transition to a world of peace. While this transition has been happening for hundreds of years, there is no time like today, what with the billions of humans and the technology we will continue to advance. Go on…carpe that diem .