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What Next For Us, Part 3

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Yes, its finally here! The final installment of the widely acclaimed series “What’s Next for Us?”

In this part, I talk about the 2 pitfalls that could prevent us from getting to this awesome future that awaits us.

One pitfall is extinction, where we all die. To avoid this, we need to get along as a species on a global scale, as one family sharing this earth.

The second pitfall is totalitarianism, where the system has total control over everything. To avoid this, we need to:

A: Empower the individual
B: Strip power from the system

Things that empower the individual are:
As well as broader things like democracy, social services and accountable governments.

Things that empower the system (things we want less of) are:
As well as broader things like fear mongering, suppression of information and unaccountable governments.

Ultimately, we need to stop giving in to fear. We need to stop abandoning our rights and relinquishing our power to a system in exchange for the illusion of security.

Have hope, feel empowered and share these feelings with others. The future is going to be awesome.

Yes, I say “Uh” about 1000 times. I will work on it.
Yes, I recognize the hypocrisy of spreading awareness of these two pitfalls can be considered fear-mongering.