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Latest Israeli-Palestine Conflict

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Israel has started a massive bombing campaign against Gaza. It is the single largest massacre in Gaza since Israel illegally Occupied Gaza in 1967. The spokespeople for Israel say these attacks are a last resort for dealing with Hamas and the Palestinian people’s continued attacks on Israeli cities.

The attacks from Gaza on Israel were reportedly from low yield weapons… mostly crudely homemade weapons that were randomly fired, sometimes killing people. The response from Israel is to fire high powered, high-yield rockets into the Gaza strip, killing extremists and civilians alike. At least 345 Palestinians have been killed and 1400 injured, and the death toll is steadily rising.

Without looking at the history of the region, these attacks could be deemed okay, because Israel needs to defend themselves and Hamas was indeed attacking. Of course, if this were true, Israeli’s response could still be considered the equivalent of a tank blowing up a group of children because they were throwing rocks.

But if we look beyond the recent attacks from Hamas (or rather, the isolated group of thugs that took it upon themselves to attack Israel) to see if the Palestinian people have any reason to be upset, the answer is clear. To paraphrase a woman I saw recently on YouTube β€œThe Gaza strip is an occupied nation, the people are being held captive. The Israeli’s are now killing us because we do not simply lie down and die.” (if I can find the video, I will post the link).

So, looking at the history of the two countries, Israeli continues to look like the bully, the aggressor, and the more at fault.

If we ignore the history, and look at this simply as a warranted response, then Israeli is in the right.

But if we are going to be ignoring history, then the Palestinian people are equally justified to ignore history. Then, they need only look at the present day massacre by Israel to justify any actions they may take against Israel in the future.

This goes to show how you cannot fight hate with hate. No matter how natural or human the response may seem, it will only breed more hate. Love is the only way to fight hate, and it is often the harder course of action, but it is the only way to end the cycle of violence.