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Protests in Iran

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Protests have been going on for several days in Iran. The Iranian people are protesting what they feel is a rigged election, a sign of rampant corruption in the government.

Tens of thousands of people are marching in the streets. There has been some rioting, but mostly it looks non-violent. There has also been riot police beating and shooting people, some Iranians have died as a result.

Click here to see some videos about the 2009 Iranian protests.

It is important to note that these people speaking out against Islamic Extremism. They want less radical policies, less radical government. These people are moderate Muslim, who represent the largest part of the entire Muslim community.

It is awesome to see, this is what democracy looks like.

The Iranian government is likely to escalate their military presence if the protests continue. They have already begun to censor the Internet, blocking access to sites like YouTube and Twitter. If you know someone in Iran, and want to help them stay connected, you can set up a Proxy for Iranians by clicking here.

These people are our people. They represent the human race, and the human race is in a power struggle against the system.

We need to stand up with the Iranians, to tell them that we support them. Not just to stand in solidarity with our Iranian kin, but to show our governments that we won’t stand for that bullshit here, either.


Hooray for Life!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Life is truly amazing! That anything even exists is just great, but for life to have evolved to such a high level of complexity… it is truly remarkable. Astonishing. To think how complicated life is, from the first simple organic molecules, to the first cell, to multi-cellular life forms.

Today, we are just extensions of the first cells, still working to reproduce ourselves, except now we have formed complex cooperatives between all the cells of our body, and all the other microorganisms we symbiotically host.

Best of all, we’ve attained such a high level of sentience that we can be aware of all of this and marvel in it. What glorious monkeys we’ve become!

Vote No on Bill C-15 in Canada

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

I wrote my MP telling him to vote NO on Bill C-15. He wrote back saying how he supports it.

Click here to view a copy of what he wrote.

Well, it seemed like what is probably a boilerplate response, but what it contained still upset me. More power to the police, more prohibition, and more bullshit policies that don’t f-ing work. So I wrote back:

Having read your email, I am even more opposed to Bill C-15 than ever. First, this bill would give expanded power to the police, which usually comes at the cost of eroding our civil liberties. As well, you state how this will cost an additional $64 Million dollars of taxpayer money… this is money taken away from education and health care and other useful services. If you truly want to effectively voice my concern, you will reconsider your stance on this bill.

Let me say that I am all for helping people with drug problems, and preventing drug abuse in our communities, especially with youth. But the prohibition approach just isn’t working. It never worked for alcohol, and it is not working for drugs.

The more money you dump into drug prohibition, the more you try to ‘crack down hard’ on it, the worse it the problem gets. Drug prohibition only drives up the cost of drugs, but does little to stop the flow of them. Drug prohibition cannot possibly work, given the simple economic law of supply and demand. Prohibition limits the supply, but does nothing to impact the demand. This means drugs become more valuable, so more people are willing to risk trafficking and selling it.

Legalization of drugs would eliminate the underground market, would stop the funding of terrorist groups, would do MORE for treating drug addiction, and would save the billions spent on prohibition and incarceration of drug offenders.

DEA’s, Law Enforcement and Drug Czars will always tell you that prohibition is working, and will work better with more money, but that is because their livelihood depends on it.

A different approach is needed. Drug use and abuse needs to be treated as a health issue, not a criminal issue.

By supporting Bill C-15, you are perpetuating an obsolete paradigm and contributing to a nanny-state here in Canada.