Vote No on Bill C-15 in Canada

I wrote my MP telling him to vote NO on Bill C-15. He wrote back saying how he supports it.

Click here to view a copy of what he wrote.

Well, it seemed like what is probably a boilerplate response, but what it contained still upset me. More power to the police, more prohibition, and more bullshit policies that don’t f-ing work. So I wrote back:

Having read your email, I am even more opposed to Bill C-15 than ever. First, this bill would give expanded power to the police, which usually comes at the cost of eroding our civil liberties. As well, you state how this will cost an additional $64 Million dollars of taxpayer money… this is money taken away from education and health care and other useful services. If you truly want to effectively voice my concern, you will reconsider your stance on this bill.

Let me say that I am all for helping people with drug problems, and preventing drug abuse in our communities, especially with youth. But the prohibition approach just isn’t working. It never worked for alcohol, and it is not working for drugs.

The more money you dump into drug prohibition, the more you try to ‘crack down hard’ on it, the worse it the problem gets. Drug prohibition only drives up the cost of drugs, but does little to stop the flow of them. Drug prohibition cannot possibly work, given the simple economic law of supply and demand. Prohibition limits the supply, but does nothing to impact the demand. This means drugs become more valuable, so more people are willing to risk trafficking and selling it.

Legalization of drugs would eliminate the underground market, would stop the funding of terrorist groups, would do MORE for treating drug addiction, and would save the billions spent on prohibition and incarceration of drug offenders.

DEA’s, Law Enforcement and Drug Czars will always tell you that prohibition is working, and will work better with more money, but that is because their livelihood depends on it.

A different approach is needed. Drug use and abuse needs to be treated as a health issue, not a criminal issue.

By supporting Bill C-15, you are perpetuating an obsolete paradigm and contributing to a nanny-state here in Canada.

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2 Responses to “Vote No on Bill C-15 in Canada”

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  2. Mr. Cartel says:

    On behalf of the Mexican drug cartels and organized crime everywhere, our thanks go to Mike Murphy, Rob Moore and the Harper government for their unfailing support of our business. Few people understand how hard it is to operate a business which depends so much on intimidation, bribery, murder and assassination. Necessary as they are, these practices give us a bad public image and lead to frequent legal problems.

    Without drug prohibition, we could not survive. Thanks to prohibition, we enjoy amazingly high profits. Without this financial power, we could not afford competent murderers and effective bribes. Furthermore, prohibition eliminates the possibility of legitimate competitors, who would enjoy significantly lower costs if they existed. We commend Mr. Murphy, Mr. Moore and above all Mr. Harper for maintaining this system and working to strengthen this system.

    We particularly appreciate the original version of Bill C-15. The “tough” aspects of the bill do not affect us at all: We can afford excellent lawyers; we can intimidate witnesses; and we could import marijuana if it became too difficult to grow here. What the bill WILL do is attack independent growers of all sizes. We are very happy with this: Any independent grower is a threat to our market share and our profits. By driving these growers out of business, Bill C-15 will cement our market dominance and ensure our wealth for many years to come.


    Wake up, Canada. This is what prohibition does.


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