UFC and the Marines

The mixed martial arts league UFC, which pits two competitors against each other in an octagonal cage for sports fighting, relies upon sponsorship as one source of revenue.

One of their sponsors is the US Marine Corps, who’ve had a working relationship with the UFC for several years.  At least one UFC event was held for the troops, with the crowd being all military personnel and the funds raised going to help the war veterans (the UFC stepping up to do something the US government didn’t do).

Last night, during a pay-per-view event, they ran a 2-minute ad by the Marines (see below), which drew parallels between the UFC fighters and the soldiers in the Marines. The tag line was something like  “Some warriors fight in the cage, others fight all over the world”, and they showed clips of MMA fighters training, spliced in with military exercises.

This was a preposterous ad to watch… as if there is no difference between the two…  fighting is fighting is fighting…  the same honor, the same noble fight… just two skilled opponents dueling it out to see who is superior.  This  is just ABSURD!!!

In the UFC, the two combatants are usually fairly evenly matched.  Each is a willing participant, and they fight under a set of rules, watched by a ref and judges.  They fight for glory and competition and entertainment.

The US Military, on the other hand, is a powerhouse of well trained, well funded soldiers, and they attack the weakest possible enemies out there.  Their opponents are not willing combatants…  they are predominantly innocent victims and casualties.  The goal of the US Military is to beat their opponents into lifelessness, and then keep on beating until someone finally makes them stop and they move on to the their next victim.

While the Marines themselves may indeed be brave, the cause they fight for (despite the lies we are told) is not about honor or liberty, it is about making huge amount of profits for private interests, while at the same time causing untold amounts of suffering.  Billions in precious resources are squandered every year.  There is a huge toll on human lives, and the infrastructure of the invaded country.

To draw parallels between the UFC and the Marines is a disgusting act, and it shows just how desperate they are getting to suck in new recruits.  We need to keep war out of sports… in fact, we need to keep war off our planet entirely.

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33 Responses to “UFC and the Marines”

  1. Imogene Peifer says:

    Very Nice Read! Looking forward to more on this subject Bookmarked this blog. Was just wondering if anybody here could point me to some related material. Thanks in advance.

  2. LCpl Thompson USMC says:

    I love how narrow minded you are. Wake the fuck up and get your head out of your ass. You must have forgotten what these “innocent victims” did to OUR country on 9/11. How about we take your dumb ass out and put you on the front lines with my brothers and see how that goes. You would be shot dead in a fucking heartbeat by some mother fucker that wants nothing less than to cut your fucking head off and video the whole thing to show your family. Now, I’m sorry if you don’t think that killing these “innocent victims” that have killed thousands of our family member and friends is not “right”. But my brothers are out there right now, fighting for you got damn right to post stupid shit like this all over the internet. So, by all means. Carry on.

    “Freedom is not free, but the U.S. Marine Corps will pay most of your share.”

  3. admin says:

    @LCpl Thompson USMC: You know what is narrow minded?
    -Blaming an entire nation for the action of a few individuals.
    -Blaming the wrong nation entirely.
    -Thinking that violence is the solution and not the problem.
    -Thinking that swears and angry tones do anything to help convey your message.

  4. Cpl Go Fuck Yourself USMC says:

    There will never be peace without war. If it wasn’t for me and my fellow brothers shedding our blood you wouldn’t be able to say such things. You are ignorant. We don’t just kill civilians! Quit watching the news and go over there and see for yourself. Yes sometimes civilians get caught in the cross fire but it is something you will never understand.. or when your best friend just got blown to pieces… How would you react?? Would you go shaking everyones hands giving them candy? It is so easy for one to point the finger about all the problems in this world but what the fuck are you doing right now to make a difference!! Not a Damn thing. Who cares what fucking commercial comes out.. Truth is there are still people in this country that would die for this country and make the ultimate sacrifice. Until you do anything to make a difference in this world how about you keep you stupid fucking mouth shut!

  5. LCpl Thompson USMC says:

    @admin: Please tell me you are kidding me right now. You are right. The people we are over there killing don’t want us dead. It doesn’t say in their religion to kill all who oppose them. Why don’t you get on over there and tell them that violence is not the solution. They will kill you on the spot. So, please. Do tell me how you think think could be handled.

  6. admin says:

    @Cpl Go Fuck Yourself USMC:
    You ask “How would you react when your best friend gets blown to pieces”. The answer, probably the same as you, and the same as the innocent civilians you admit to be killing. Therein lies the problem… a militarized approach creates more enemies than it destroys. Like chopping the head of a hydra, for each one you kill, more will rise in their place.

    Instead of looking to violence as the solution, look to other, proven means of addressing terrorism. For example… address the living conditions which foster terrorists. The trillions of dollar spend in the war campaign could be used to raise the standard of living so that they are no longer living in desperate, hopeless conditions.

    You say I am ignorant, and that may be true. But at least I’ve learned that violence is not a solution… not for you, and not for those on the other end of your gun barrel.

  7. admin says:

    @LCpl Thompson USMC: Let me say, first, I truly appreciate your comments and welcome a constructive dialogue.

    As for how it could be handled, perhaps we should be looking at non-militarized approach instead, relying on military force as a last resort instead of the first resort.

    There are many of the steps to peace not being addressed – like opening up new channels of dialogue or addressing the underlying issues (extreme poverty, lack of infrastructure, and corrupt leadership) – and until these steps get the same attention as the strong armed, shoot first approach, the war will be unending.

  8. LCpl Thompson USMC says:

    @admin: What do you think the Army is doing in Iraq right now? They are there helping build a new, better way of life the the people that lived in fear for so long. If you ever went there and talked to these people you would know what we are talking about. Not all of them are terrorists, true. But the terrorists are the ones putting these people in harms way. These people run to us for safety. Some of the children there even “worship” us for what we have done for them. Cleaning their streets of the corrupt. They no longer have to live in fear of a Islamic Extremest coming and strapping a bomb to them and telling them to walk into a military check point. I understand that “peace” is a much more desirable approach. But the fact is that its not in our hands. These mother fuckers want us dead and I am sorry…but I am going to kill them before they get the chance to kill me, or anyone else for that matter. I have a tattoo on my arm that is a latin quote that says, “Sic Vis Pacem, Para Bellum” which means, “If you want peace, Prepare for war”. Unfortunately, that is how the world is and that is how we are to be.

  9. admin says:

    @LCpl Thompson USMC: What do I think the Army is doing in Iraq right now? Helping US corporations secure the country’s resources… but that just my opinion and beside the point.

    If you are on the ground in Iraq, then you who better than you to answer your own question. How much of your day involves getting access to clean water for the Iraqis? How often do you spend building hospitals and schools? How many villages have you helped regain power? How much time/money is invested in these types of things vs shooting and bombing? I’m not trying to be glib here… I would really like to know.

    See, if the the approach was say 90% humanitarian, and 10% military, then maybe the rational for force could be supported. ie You secure an area by force, then build up the communities from within, so that the kind of ideologies that thrive in poverty can no longer take root. But all I see (as an admittedly outside observer) is the shooting and bombing part, but very little building of a new, better way of life.

    Of course, as a Marine, this isn’t even your job. It is the job of the policy makers to determine what the priorities are, and it seems like the priorities are mostly dedicated to the force by violence part, and very little on the humanitarian side.

    War breeds more war. There is no way to peace… peace is the way.

  10. LCpl Thompson USMC says:

    @admin: I am definitely not on the ground in Iraq. In fact…they have pulled all Marines out of Iraq because the is no longer a threat. The Army currently occupies that area and is actually doing the things you have mentioned. Like you said. I am a Marine and that is not my job. My job is to locate, close with, and destroy the enemy. That is what we do best. That is what we are for. The Army then comes in behind us to help rebuild the area and provide humanitarian ad. And so far…this tactic has been working very well. The news will tell you otherwise though.

  11. Cpl go kill yourself you damn Commie bastard says:

    You must be a real liberal tree hugging communist. I would love to know how many combat patrols you have been on. Tell me how many times you’ve had to run out at 0300 in the morning at a moment’s notice to secure a landing zone so a wounded Marine or sailor can get evaced out. FUCK YOU YOU LIBERAL SHIT!! When you enlist, put on a uniform, and go somewhere for My MARINE CORPS then MAYBE you can talk. Until then shut the hell up. I wonder how many of your friends have been wounded or killed. It’s people like you that are the reason this country isn’t what it used to be. You suck at life. Go fucking kill yourself you asshole. SEMPER FUCKING FI!!!!

  12. admin says:

    @Cpl go kill yourself you damn Commie bastard: LOL! That’s quite the mouthful. You may have made a point somewhere but it is buried underneath the swears and the hate. Radical Islamic extremists are hated and hunted because of their unwavering dedication to ideology… but are you any different? Are you able to open your mind to new possibilities?

    And the reason your country isn’t what it used to be is due to something called PROGRESS.

  13. LCpl JM Folmar says:

    I’m going to try to respond to your statement as civil as possible. As to the first point you made, you are correct: UFC Fighters and U.S. Military cannot be compared. UFC fighters do fight under a strict code of rules and are evenly matched. Meanwhile, the U.S. Military must fight enemies of all shapes and sizes with all sorts of tactics from fighting head to head to guerilla tactics. This means that we may have to fight an enemy that doesn’t have to obey a certain set of rules even though we do. That means if they fire at us in the middle of a crowded market place with civilians and we fire back, the blame ultimately falls upon us even though they risked the lives of all those around them. It also means that if that same enemy chooses to create a road side bomb that harms their own country men, we will ultimately get blamed as well. I’m not going to argue that sometimes the wars we are ordered to fight are always just, but those that fight it do so for the right reasons, and try their best to fight honorably. When I went over to Iraq, we had very good relations with the local populace because we treated them humanely and with respect. We also saved the lives of numerous children that had physical defects by sending them to the states to get the medical care that they needed, and this was all done by an infantry company. The suffering you speak of may very well come from individuals within the military on occasion by those that are misguided, but it is in the rarest of cases, and usually that suffering comes from those that seek power at the cost of their own country men’s lives with suicide bombing, IED’s, fear, and intimidation. I try to view things from all perspectives and can understand why someone is a pacifist, but being there and coming into contact with the best AND worst of human nature, I understand that some people cannot be reached through communication and diplomacy because we as humans have good and evil in us. The unfortunate truth is that some people have lost the good within them, and for those people, the value of another human is less than nothing, and the only way to protect the innocent is to remove them from this world. It is a harsh truth, but it is a truth none the less.

  14. Cpl Patriot says:

    To sum up what all of you liberal hippies rfuse to come to terms with: Yes we should be in Afganistan.
    Yes they, the entire country are responsible for the attrocities of 9/11. You can’t say that the country i innocent and only a few guilty. If you hide a known murderer or fugitive, you have now harbored a known criminal and are just as guilty, hence the entire country…Pakistan should be next on our list. I won’t belittle your right to free speech and say that you shouldn’t say what you are, that would make me a hypocrite seeing as how I am one of the Fewand the Proud that help preserve those rights…but you should be ashamed of yourself. OUR country has become a haven for pussies. No one wants to stand up for themselves anymore. We get bombed and retaliate: Oh those poor innocent civilians that the death squads of America killed. One of my own gets killed and his buddy goes on trial for murder for bringing the bastard who did it to justice. GROW A FUCKING PAIR AND STOP WHINING. AMERICA NEEDS TO STOP GIVING A FUCK ABOUT WHAT EUROPE AND THE REST OF THE WORLD THINKS. When you’re on top, everyone’s gunning fo you. Semper FIdelis, Non Sibi Sed Patria

  15. admin says:

    @LCpl JM Folmar: You seem like a level headed individual which is a refreshing change to some of the other comments being left on here. Your points are clearly communicated and valid, so thank you.

    The suffering referred to comes as a consequence of inserting a billion dollar war machine into an occupied land. No matter how just or unjust the premise, there will inevitably be innocent lives lost and infrastructure destroyed.

    Now, understand that we do share the same end goal, i.e. reduction or elimination of the “Evil” people in the world, we don’t necessarily agree on the best method to achieve these goals. A predominantly militarized approach ultimately creates more problems than it solves, as it is impossible to target these “bad” people without innocent casualties, thereby creating more “bad” people in the long run.

    Rather, what we could at least try is to invest the billions from military budgets into more humanitarian causes, with the goal of building up these communities from within. Then, those who live there will be better positioned to deal with the “evil” people themselves, instead of relying on a foreign force to handle the problem with military might.

  16. admin says:

    @Cpl Patriot: You make it sound like the entire nation of Afghanistan colluded in the goal to hide these criminals, as if they held a referendum, and the country all voted on the issue. And you know that this never happened… the majority of the Afghan’s have simply had war thrust upon them (for decades now).

    The small group of criminals who perpetuated the atrocities in New York have been elevated to the level of an entire nation, which is an atrocity in itself. Also, as you may or may not be aware, 15 of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia.

    Americans do need to “grow a pair” as you say, and stand up to the people and institutions that consistently bring the US to war. Peace is the way.

  17. LCpl Thompson USMC says:

    I am just going out on a limb here, but I would say that you were bullied growing up. Most of the things that come out of your head and into this blog, honestly make me question whether or not you are actually serious.

    I know now, that my first response to this post was completely out of line. Seeing as how, you just do not know any better. You were most likely raised by your mother and had practically no father figure. I can’t blame that on you, and I’m sorry.

    I however, am a VERY patriotic person. I am a VERY passionate person as well. I was raised in a lower class family with hardly any money growing up. But, I have a loving father and mother who brought me up to love my country. So, when those mother fuckers came to our house. Attacked us in our own home. Killing thousands of innocent civilians, and spreading fear across our country. I said, fuck that.

    I am a very passive person. So, you could pick at me all you want and it will not upset me. But, if you fuck with my family, friends, my country, and my freedom. Stand the fuck by. You have just brought on a fucking shit storm.

    So, I hope you can understand my animosity towards you when you say things like, “While the Marines themselves may indeed be brave, the cause they fight for (despite the lies we are told) is not about honor or liberty, it is about making huge amount of profits for private interests, while at the same time causing untold amounts of suffering.”.

  18. admin says:

    @LCpl Thompson USMC: If this discussion shows us anything, it is the power of dialogue. Whereas in your first post, you probably wanted to kick my tree hugging, hippy ass, now you perhaps see me as being a bit more human. Likewise, instead of seeing you as some mindless, kill-happy grunt, I see you are a human as well.

    Your animosity is understandable, sure. For one, the phrase “causing untold amounts of suffering” shouldn’t be solely applied to the Marines as it did in the post, and rather, to the war machine in general. Not that it makes it any easier for you to read it, but that’s how I feel about war.

    Perhaps in my haste to blog about seeing something I love (MMA) being equated to something I hate (war) I neglected to fully sympathize with all parties involved.

  19. admin says:

    @LCpl Thompson USMC: Now, your desire for revenge and to be defensive are very understandable emotions… I react the same way when my loved ones are threatened. Its like a primal instinct. But what I see happening is these normal instincts that you feel have been exploited by the war machine. Your desire for revenge and your need to feel safe have been corralled against an entire group of people who’ve done nothing to deserve your animosity.

    Iraqis, Afghan’s, and Muslims in general are not to blame for the actions of a group of people who look the same way… not even the armed combatants encountered because they are acting no different than you would if the situation were reversed.

    You (and millions of other Americans) have been tricked into believing that the wars you’re fighting and the enemies who’ve sprouted up are the same people who perpetrated a terrorist attack in your country, when they are not. The entire ‘War on Terror’, as far as I’m concerned, is a big lie.

    You may wonder why they would lie to Americans… and the answer is money. War, in the US alone, is a Trillion dollar a year business. As long as wars keep waging, as long as they can sell the idea of war to the American people and convince enough of you to put your lives at risk, the profits will keep rolling in. They exploit the feelings of patriotism, duty, honor, and freedom to get you to fight for their war profits. It is sick and it needs to stop.

    Now, as someone entrenched in the war industry, I don’t expect you to see things this way, nor do I blame you for your actions. But this is how I see modern warfare, and why I will always speak out against it, seriously.

  20. LCPL D. says:

    I am a United States Marine. All I can say to this is the following. If you are not a Marine or were not a marine at some point in your life you have no right to criticize what we do and what we fight for. Marines put their lives on the line everyday to protect the freedom of all who live in the United States. We sacrifice everything we have. Every possession we hold dear, or families and friends. We give it all up for the people of this country.

  21. lance corporal shmuckatelli says:

    Hello Admin,

    Hi I served as an infantry Marine from 2004 until 2008. I completely agree with everything these Marines have said. I do not, however agree with anything you have said.

    You might say that I am some warmonger that is on the side of my brothers. You might be right. However, you basically have said, (and correct me if I am wrong), that war is not the answer. Well please tell me how your own country, the United States of America, was created. Did we leave the British Empire be being nice to the King? Were we great friends with the Red Coats during the 1770s? Did they invite us to nice discussions on how to leave their empire? No, we fought them tooth and nail to achieve liberty. To achieve our own liberty. Through the very actions you dislike. Fighting, hate, and violence.

    It’s a very ugly truth that war is infact an answer. We have taken the terrorism to their own home land. While I was there we captured many people from many differant countries. What did they have to say? Many of them told us they simply wanted to kill Americans. While I was there, we searched for a man who was a former Soviet soldier. He came to Iraq with a rifle he built himself, with ammunition he created. Once we caught him he said that he would have made his way to our homeland and sniped whoever he could. Instead he went to Iraq, and did his deeds there. Our very presence in the Middle East creates a safer world for everyone in the United States.

    Please tell me how many terrorist acts occured in our country since September 11th. Then tell me the amount of terrorist acts that killed or harmed US civillians in the years before this attack.

    We can agree on something. War is an awful thing. I am sorry that humankind has to resort to such a violent and painful act to solve differances. Many conflicts in the history of the world could have very well been achieved through diplomacy.

    Fighting overall can be seen as animalistic, and yes, it definatly is. I know this first hand. However, for the time being, and forseeable future it is the way of life. Violence can indeed solve many problems where diplomacy cannot.

    Semper Fi my fellow Marines and sailors. I am done talking to this goon.

  22. admin says:

    @ lance corporal shmuckatelli

    In 1867, my country (Canada) was formed as a dominion of four provinces. Over time, we gained our autonomy from the UK through acts of parliament. We gained our liberty without fighting, hate and violence, much like Gandhi led the liberation of India from the UK through non-violent means.

    You are right… war is in fact an answer, but rarely is it the best answer.

    Your very presence in the Middle East creates a safer world? No, that is incorrect. The US’s presence in the middle east (along with unfettering support for Israel) is an underlying cause of the much of the animosity of the Muslim world towards America. Relinquishing the self-assigned role of world police force would do much more to make the US (and the world in general) a safer place.

    You ask how many terrorist acts have occurred since 9/11, implying that your country’s actions have somehow made you safer. Well, two come to mind – the Anthrax Mail attacks, and the Beltway Snipers.

    But never mind that… consider this instead: In the 11 year period between 1995-2005, 3147 people died due to terrorist acts, making it one of the least likely ways to die. For example, in the same period, 3949 people died by being shot by law enforcement, 5171 died from electrocution, and over 38000 died from accidentally drowning. (source – http://wired-vig.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2006/09/71743 )

    The point here is that the perceived threat of terrorism vastly overshadows how dangerous it really is. If you really wanted to make America safer, it would be more practical to spread awareness on the dangers of drowning.

    So often the rational for the wars being waged is to stem the threat of terrorism, but when we logically assess the situation, the continuing war on terrorism, the trillions squandered, and all the lives lost seems like a grossly unwarranted reaction.

  23. admin says:

    @LCPL D.: What do you mean I have no right to criticize you because I am not a marine? That would be like saying I have no right to criticize a suicide bomber because I have never blown myself up.

    We all share this planet, and it is our right and our duty to speak out against the things that we don’t agree with. If we feel the actions of others are misguided, and causing more problems than they solve, then of course we should speak out. To do otherwise would be like giving consent to allow it to persist.

  24. LCpl Nick says:

    I know you didn’t just compare Marines to suicide bombers. Seriously? That is quite a humane comparison for such a peace seeking individual like yourself to make. Did you try to join the Military and get denied or not make it? Your posts are very similar to some people I have known who didn’t quite make it. So you are from Canada? I guess everyone from or currently living in Canada never fight in these terrible wars. I bet if another military invaded Canada today, the unanimous and immediate decision would be to sit down and try to talk things out and negotiate. Here’s an interesting point just for you. The longest range recorded for a sniper kill currently stands at 2,430 meters (2,657 yd, or 1.51 miles), accomplished by Master Corporal Rob Furlong, a sniper from Newfoundland, Canada, in March 2002 during the war in Afghanistan. Furlong made this record-breaking kill while he was participating in Operation Anaconda. He was a member of the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI). To make the kill, he used a .50 caliber BMG (12.7 mm) McMillan TAC-50 bolt-action rifle. I guess something about Canada has changed since 1867. Maybe U.S. tactics and accomplishments have influenced them. I don’t have anything against Canada, I just wanted to point out in this converstation that you do not represent the opinion of all Canadians or Americans originating from Canada. Another interesting point about this conversation, everytime someone posts something on here you seem to do something very interesting. Retalliate. You probably wouldn’t like to think of it as retalliation, but honestly it is. You feel the need to Respond, and reply with your own personal opinion in an attempt to sway another’s own personal opinion. That is Ironic given the topic and points you are trying to make. Do you believe that you set the standard and determine the difference between right and wrong? or good and evil? Well, you have the right to believe whatever you want. Hell, you could even make your own religion or political party. That is your right according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is also my 1st Amendment Right to say that I think you are indeed a whack job. You have posted many defenses to several things on here, but you did not post a defense to LCpl Thompson’s post about being bullied as a kid and having no father figure. I believe you may have had some lifetime experiences that have resulted in a problematic adulthood. I see you as a human. I see you as a human with a neurological chemical imbalance, which may or may not be causing you to be extremely accusatory and irrational. I am not a doctor, but I currently work in a field where I am trained to recognize issues like this. I think you have some slight signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The simple fact alone that you made a website blog strictly dedicated to one of your obsessions (this topic) is a red flag. You have responded to every post, sometimes several a day which indicates an obsession issue. When you feel like you need to or have to get on here, read and respond to these posts more often than you most likely brush your teeth, that is definately an OCD issue. There are some great doctors out there, and there are several medications available that may be able to help you with this issue. I wish you the best of luck. I hope you appreciate my post. I feel like I may have helped you. However, these are just my thoughts, observations and opinions which are not intended to sway your beliefs or opinions.
    Semper Fi! Marines

  25. admin says:

    @LCpl Nick: Retaliation? I guess would be an apt choice of words, but I prefer to look at it as engaging in an open dialogue with a group whose opinions differ somewhat from my own. I fail to see the irony… please elaborate as to the points I made that deny the importance of discourse.

    Yes, I try to reply to all comments. Yes, I am passionate about peace and have made a blog about it. Just because someone has different opinions and an alternate world view doesn’t necessarily mean they are crazy. Labeling someone as insane is a coping mechanism used when threatened by a conflicting viewpoint.

    You asked if Canada were invaded by an army would we just sit down and talk… no, we would likely react the way any human group would react. The warriors among us would take up arms against the invaders. We can see unfortunate examples of this happening in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. Did you bring up this point up to rationalize the actions of the US military… when was the US ever invaded?

    BTW, thank you for your comment… it is truly appreciated.

  26. OutSide Observer (GHPiNK) says:

    @LCpl Thompson USMC:

    Its interesting to note, that 95% of the military people replying, talk by swearing and threatening. They have little room for any compromise and some of them say they will act like an adult, but then start to insult the admin again, in an offhand way.

    Its quite humorous and shows the point clearly by the admin, and why violence is not the answer.

    It breeds people like the ones who are replying, who only consider their opinion, and if in control would dominate the world with an iron fist.

    The military comments are a reflection of their organization.

    I know I personally wouldn’t want those types of people, protecting me if I was in Iraq. People that are quick to judge, swear, blame and then try to manipulate by attacking the character of someone or their male role in society.

    Just a note, I am a male, GHPiNK is my tag line, so military people feel free to judge the masculinity of the name (that’s one of the reasons I use it). Also I was never bullied when I was younger and my dad was a strong influence in my life. I actually compete in martial arts and have rarely fought on the street because there is no need. I usually back down because I believe war or fighting is not the answer. I do martial arts, to be prepared for anything, to be strong and for fitness and friends.

    Anyways admin… good post. haha and good luck with all the testosterone in here 🙂

    – GHPiNK

  27. OutSide Observer (GHPiNK) says:

    @LCpl Nick:

    Another interesting point about this conversation, everytime someone posts something on here you seem to do something very interesting. Retalliate. You probably wouldn’t like to think of it as retalliation, but honestly it is.

    I would say its a response, not retaliation! He is trying to have a debate with you guys and most of the military people in here are retaliating!

    What is the difference?

    He has been kind to every comment, even when you swear, threaten or judge him. Most of the military’s responses have been mean, there was swearing, hate, and judging. You could learn a lot from his posting and I am surprised you cannot see this.

    I don’t have anything against Canada, I just wanted to point out in this converstation that you do not represent the opinion of all Canadians or Americans originating from Canada.

    Oh Oh… I am Canadian too! Admin, I am getting the feeling they want to judge our country, from the two of our comments! Admin… maybe we should stop talking before we become the next Iraq! lol

    Canada by far, has taken a peace keeping role in the world. Call us pussies, call us what ever you like. I would rather be in a country that takes that role, then the ones the good ole US of A adopts. The admin is right (in my opinion) that these wars cause more harm then good and actually feed terrorism. This is exactly what the politicians want as it means more money in their pockets.

    I personally love the military. Its filled with hard working people who are the backbone of the USA and Canada. But they are being used by the politicians and so is their loyalty.

    War is old men, sending off young men to die.

  28. admin says:

    @OutSide Observer (GHPiNK): your post is appreciated, friend, you make some good points too.

    Apart from a few swears and cpt go kill yourself’s post -which still makes me lol when I read it – the discussion so far has been enlightening, hopefully for both sides. And really, I can get more hate and swears than any of this playing online for 20 minutes =D

  29. papakilo says:

    marines talk about ufc is what I typed into google. This website came up. I am not a marine I am not a canadian. I am a UFC fan, which I think most of the people on this blog(even the ones who are reading and not posting) are too. So to all of you lets work on that common bond between us, our love for the UFC! Not for our country and who is doing things right and who is doing things wrong.

    I believe that the UFC will be a major uniting factor in the years to come. Countrymen will have a great reason to back each other and enjoy each other. The fighters in the UFC are warriors, they fight a different battle, but it could have a global effect. Really it already has. When I think of what the UFC has done for me, as far as the impact it has had on my life as a sport, as an artform, as a movement, it fathoms me. I love this sport and I love what it is doing to the entire sporting industry.

    To the Canadians:

    I have been to your country several times and they are some of the best times in my love. I do have a Love for your coutry.

    To the Marines:

    Thank you for what you do.

  30. just a thought.... says:

    I have read the above post and can see that I should speak my opinion as well. Admin you and the outside observer believe that no war is a good war…. However you have engaged in a small war of your own. And even though it may not result in violence it is still a battle.

    I have nothing against Canada or any other country for that matter…
    However, I thought you might find this interesting….

    * September 22, 1966 – A bazooka attack on the Cuban embassy in Ottawa, Ontario is made.
    * October 5, 1966 – Anti-Castro forces bomb the offices of the Cuban trade delegation in Ottawa.
    * May 31, 1967: A small bomb explodes at the Cuba Pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal. The attack is attributed to Cuban Nationalist Action.
    * October 15, 1967: A bomb explodes at the offices of the Cuban trade delegation in Montreal, Quebec.
    * May 29, 1969: A bomb is placed in the doorway of the Cuban consulate in Montreal, it fails to go off.
    * July 12, 1971: A small bomb goes off at the offices of the Cuban trade delegation in Montreal, Quebec.
    * April 4, 1972: Cuban official Sergio Pérez Castillo is killed by an explosion at the Cuban consulate at Montreal, Quebec.
    * January 21, 1974: A bomb explodes at the Cuban embassy in Ottawa. It is attributed to Orlando Bosch.
    * September 22, 1976: An explosive device is thrown from a car at the Cuban consulate in Montreal.
    * January 14, 1980: A large explosion significantly damages the Cuban consulate in Montreal.

    Relating to militant Sikh aspirations for Khalistan

    * June 23, 1985 – Air India flight 182 leaving Montreal, Quebec’s Mirabel International Airport is blown up mid-flight to London, England.
    * May 26, 1986 – An attempt is made in Vancouver, British Columbia to assassinate Malkiat Singh Sidhu, a cabinet minister in the Indian province of Punjab
    * August 28, 1988 – Indo-Canadian Times editor Tara Singh Hayer is shot and partially paralyzed
    * November 18, 1998 – Newspaper editor Tara Singh Hayer is assassinated for his strident opposition to Sikh militants.

    Relating to Turkey

    * April 8, 1982 – Turkish Commercial Counselor to Canada Kani Güngör is paralyzed after an attack by Armenian nationalists at his Ottawa, Ontario apartment.
    * August 23, 1982 – Turkish military attaché to Canada, Col. Atilla Altıkat, is assassinated by Armenian militants in Ottawa while sitting in his vehicle at a traffic light.
    * March 12, 1985 – A group of Armenians seize the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ottawa, killing a Canadian security guard.

    Other incidents

    * April 7, 1868 – Thomas D’Arcy McGee is assassinated in Ottawa, Ontario by an alleged Irish nationalist or Fenian rebel sympathizer named Patrick Whelan.
    * November 25, 1965 – Croatian nationalists bomb the Yugoslavian consulate in Toronto, Ontario.
    * January 29, 1967 – The Yugoslavian embassy in Ottawa and the consulate in Toronto, Ontario are among six Yugoslavian offices bombed in North America.
    * September 3, 1984 – Montreal, Quebec’s Central Station is bombed, killing 3 people and wounding more than 30. Thomas Bernard Brigham, an elderly retired American armed forces officer, claims to have been protesting Pope John Paul II’s visit to Canada.
    * April 9, 1989 – Charles Yacoub hijacks a bus and drives it to Parliament Hill to protest the Syrian invasion of Lebanon
    * April 5, 1992 – The Iranian embassy in Ottawa is stormed by members of MEK, an Iraq-supported left-wing group.

    Domestic terrorism

    * 1963-1969 – FLQ starts bombing at the average rate of one every ten days. Targets included English owned businesses, banks, McGill University and the homes of prominent English speakers.
    * 1963 – Montreal – FLQ bombing of Canadian Army Recruiting Centre, killing Sgt. Wilfred V. O’neil.
    * January 29, 1965 – Two U.S. jets (F-84s) being overhauled by Northwest Industries in Edmonton, Alberta were destroyed and a third damaged when a left-wing group protesting the Vietnam War dynamited the planes; a security guard was killed during the incident.
    * May 18, 1966 – Paul Joseph Chartier’s attempt to bomb the House of Commons fails when the device goes off prematurely in a Centre Block washroom.
    * late 1960s – the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) placed a bomb in a window well of the National Defence Headquarters on Lisgar St in Ottawa, Ontario. The explosion killed a cleaning lady.
    * late 1960s – the FLQ placed a bomb in a mailbox next to the Canadian Tire store on Wellington St in Ottawa, Ontario.
    * February 13, 1969 – the FLQ set off a powerful bomb that ripped through the Montreal Stock Exchange causing massive destruction and seriously injuring twenty-seven people.
    * October 5, 1970 – British diplomat James Cross and October 10 Quebec Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte are kidnapped by the FLQ in Montreal. (The dead body of Pierre Laporte was discovered in the trunk of a car in Montreal, Quebec on October 17, 1970; Cross was released on December 3, 1970.)
    * October 14, 1982 – The anarchist group the Squamish Five, who were Canadian version of Direct Action, bombs a Litton Industries factory north of Toronto, Ontario that is manufacturing guidance devices for American cruise missiles, ten are injured.
    * April 20, 1995 – Roger Charles Bell places a bomb outside Province House, the Prince Edward Island legislature, injuring one
    * 2000 – The Brigade d’autodéfense du français bombs a church where an English fundraiser was to be held.
    * 2001 – Quebec – The FLQ/The Brigade d’autodéfense du français firebombs three “Second Cup” locations in Montreal. They were targeted because of the company’s use of its incorporated English name “Second Cup”. Rhéal Mathieu, a previously convicted FLQ terrorist was convicted for all three bombings. Seven McDonald’s restaurants were also firebombed.
    * April 2004 – Quebec – Bombing of a Jewish school’s library in Montreal.
    * October 2008 to July 2009 – Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Six natural gas pipelines owned by Encana Corp. were bombed after letters were sent to a local newspaper opposing the gas industry.
    * May 18, 2010 – Ottawa, Ontario, an RBC bank was firebombed by an anarchist group causing $300,000 in damages.
    Which is ironic if you think about all of this and understand that….
    Canada is still known as a country that organizes fundraising for terrorist attacks outside of the country.
    and I have question for you if you don’t mind….
    Didn’t some of the 9/11 terrorist that attacked the Twin Towers and Pentagon enter the US of A from Canada?

    Now what I have presented to you are facts and although they may upset you… they are real.
    and Let us not forget..

    The Conquest (La Conquête) or acquisition of Canada by Great Britain in the SEVEN YEARS’ WAR and, by extension, the resulting changed conditions of life experienced by Canada’s 60 000 to 70 000 French-speaking inhabitants and numerous native groups. Québec surrendered to British forces on 18 September 1759, a few days after the crucial Battle of the PLAINS OF ABRAHAM. French resistance ended a year later with the capitulation of Montréal. By the terms signed 8 September 1760, the British guaranteed the people of New France immunity from deportation or maltreatment; the right to depart for France with all their possessions; continued enjoyment of property rights; the right to carry on the fur trade on an equal basis with the English; and freedom of worship.

    So to sum this up….
    You enjoy the freedoms that you have based on the wars that young men carry on their backs; It has been that way since the beginning of time and will not end any time in the near future.
    Leave the young Marines alone and let him defend the title they have earned and don’t talk about a subject that carries such great emotion for so many without remembering all the blood that was spent to give you all the freedom and life style you enjoy on a daily basis.

    Thank you for your time.

  31. LCpl Thompson USMC says:

    @OutSide Observer (GHPiNK): It is also interesting to note that by reading your post, I feel that I have dropped a few IQ points. 🙁 I think it is awesome that the UFC has a deal going on with the Marines. It is nice to see some of them go through the same things I have been doing and realizing what we have to endure.

  32. Lorna Barbato says:

    Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!

  33. This is a really nicely written article and I thank the author for voicing his protest. I completely disagree with the comparison. This indeed is preposterous.


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