Protests in Iran

Over 6 months ago, we had a post about the protests going on in Iran, and how the moderate majority were clashing with the fundamentalist/extremists who run the government.  These protests are still going on, with another upsurge in protester activity happening this week.

The people who are protesting are regular people, people like you and me, who want to be part of a peaceful world community.  Right now, they are fighting against a repressive regime… a regime that is trying to silence the protesters with violence and censorship.  These people – the Iranian people struggling for their freedom – are our brothers and sisters, and they need our support.  We need them to know that they are not alone, and that the world supports them in their efforts to attain freedom and democracy.

Here are a few videos that the citizens have been able to sneak out despite the Iranian government’s crack-down.

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