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Living Luminaries

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Living Luminaries – On the Serious Business of Happiness is a 2007 film that follows one man’s quest to find happiness.  His journey brings him to many sages who offer their own interpretations of what happiness is and how to find it.  Overall, this is an excellent film, with some really practical advice.


A reoccurring theme is how unhappiness and suffering are due to us being self-centered.  The “I”, the ego, the self… attachment to this illusion is what causes suffering.  Relinquishing attachment, being free from the self, free from the ego, is what also frees us from suffering.

As we relinquish attachment, mentally rising from the physical realm into the spiritual realm, we can see ourselves and all others as part of the same whole, part of something beautiful, and how the self, the “I”, the ego… this is just an illusion we create in our own minds.

As well, we need to find what our own gifts to the world are, and then set on a journey to make them happen. To find out what our gifts are, to find out what we want to do in life, we need to listen.  We need to withdraw from the outside noise, and look inwards.  Every cell of our bodies have harmony and wisdom – we need to get in touch with it.  Be in the moment, be in the present, be in the now… as we do this, we will be in touch with the entire universe.

Ultimately, happiness is a decision.  Choose to be happy.  Happiness is a state of mind… a state of mind we can put ourselves into, whenever we choose.  Don’t attach happiness to the attainment of some goal to be found in the future, like, “when I get a million dollars, then I will be happy.”  No, be happy on the entire journey to getting the million dollars.  Be happy on the way.

World Peace is Coming!

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

World Peace is Coming! Really!  Within 20 years.  20 years… are you serious?  Absolutely!

The truth is we’ve never been closer to a world where these great things become a reality. We’ve been approaching this day for thousands of years and soon the transformation will be complete. A world of peace, prosperity and equality is emerging. We will finally eradicate the scourge of extreme poverty and end institutionalized warfare. This is not some fantasy, nor is it based on some lofty idealist’s dream. This is firmly rooted in reality. Credible research, emerging trends, and the latest developments all bring forth rational arguments as to why our future holds these great things and more.

Our world has been improving at an exponential rate. With each step we take towards a better world, it becomes easier to take the next step. Gains in any of the key factors that lead to our world improving facilitate gains across all others. Our world is cyclically improving… we are, in essence, spiraling towards a better world at an ever increasing pace.

The prime factor driving us towards a better world is our technology, which, much like a world of peace, has been coming to us at exponential speed. Soon, new breakthroughs will allow us to meet the basic needs of all the world’s people, and, as we do, we will be removing one of the root causes of instability and suffering in our world… poverty.

Along with fostering a world of abundance, technology also brings unprecedented levels of uniting power.  Sites like Facebook will allow us to create really big and well organized communities.  And, instant messaging tools like Twitter will allow us to mobilize to action on a massive scale in real time.

These communities, harnessing the power of solidarity, will allow us to coordinate and mobilize in order to change the things we don’t like about our world. Our unity will allow us to eradicate extreme poverty. Together, we will effectively affront the entity primarily responsible for most of the armed conflicts in our world, thereby ending institutionalized warfare.

Furthermore, the technology we’ve been creating, when combined with the other key factors which contribute to a better world, will ultimately empower every single one of us on an individual level. The world of the future will be a world full of empowered people with empowered minds. The world’s power will be shifted into the hands of the people, setting us free to make our world everything we want it to be.

As we move forward into a new age, what will become increasingly evident is how the biggest obstacle preventing us from attaining a world of peace has been our belief. Believing in the possibility of a better world – having hope and being optimistic for the future – is perhaps the most vital part of a better world becoming a reality.

Here at, we are excited to be spreading a message inspiring hope and optimism, and for you to truly believe in the possibility of a brighter future for all, because a far superior world is well within our reach.  Please check out this video, starting off our new campaign to spread the message that World Peace is Coming!

Haiti’s Plight

Friday, January 15th, 2010

The plight of the Haitian people has recently made it to the headlines, but they’ve been suffering for a very long time, long before the earthquake rocked their nation.  If there is to be any light in this travesty, perhaps it’s that the world’s attention is focused on Haiti and more people may see how poor the people are, and how corrupt their government is.

Now, not only will the Haitians have to worry about rebuilding in the aftermath, they will also have to contend with groups like The Heritage Foundation exploiting the disaster to push through their unpopular pro-corporate policies. Any savy/ruthless investors who don’t shy away from blood money will see the disaster as having made Haiti ripe for the plucking… what is not already privatized could soon be.  (Read more about this phenomenon in Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine)

Prior to the earthquake, Haiti ranked 110th on the Democracy Index and 149th on the Human Development Index. The Democracy Index (DI) and Human Development Index (HDI) are two separate indicators of the state of a Country based on many factors, like quality of life and education and political freedom.

haiti-democracy index

haiti-human development index

Where will Haiti be in a few years from now?  It is hard to say. It depends if mass privatization occurs or not.  If it does, and Naomi Klein and others are right, indicators like the DI and HDI mentioned above should drop over the next few years.  If Milton Friedman is correct and free market reforms raise the standard of living, then these indicators should go up as privatizing creeps in. Time will tell.

One thing we can count on is the rising stock value of which ever companies are positioned to get the lucrative contracts to rebuild Haiti.

An Open Letter to Politicians Who Support Drug Prohibition

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

On behalf of the Mexican drug cartels and organized crime everywhere, our thanks go to Mike Murphy, Rob Moore and the Harper government for their unfailing support of our business. Few people understand how hard it is to operate a business which depends so much on intimidation, bribery, murder and assassination. Necessary as they are, these practices give us a bad public image and lead to frequent legal problems.

Without drug prohibition, we could not survive. Thanks to prohibition, we enjoy amazingly high profits. Without this financial power, we could not afford competent murderers and effective bribes. Furthermore, prohibition eliminates the possibility of legitimate competitors, who would enjoy significantly lower costs if they existed. We commend Mr. Murphy, Mr. Moore and above all Mr. Harper for maintaining this system and working to strengthen this system.

We particularly appreciate the original version of Bill C-15. The “tough” aspects of the bill do not affect us at all: We can afford excellent lawyers; we can intimidate witnesses; and we could import marijuana if it became too difficult to grow here. What the bill WILL do is attack independent growers of all sizes. We are very happy with this: Any independent grower is a threat to our market share and our profits. By driving these growers out of business, Bill C-15 will cement our market dominance and ensure our wealth for many years to come.

-Mr. Cartel


Wake up, Canada. This is what prohibition does.

Contributed by Wassons Dream

Corporate Armies

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

The Military Industrial Complex(MIC) , aka the war-machine, is an entity made up of the “defense” industry, the government, the media, and the armed forces to ensure that institutionalized warfare is perpetuated as much as possible around the world.

Fueled by our fears and our lust for violence… allowed to persist because of the propaganda too many people swallow – freedom, liberty, democracy, honor… driven forward by the trillions in profit to be made… the MIC can be considered a primary force responsible for most of the war we have in our world, because it enables it.  Without this entity to profit off violence and death, wars would not exist to the degree we see in our world.

There has been a trend becoming more evident in the past decade… privatized armies.  Mercenaries -Soldiers of Fortune like those of the notorious BlackWater – are being called on to take on more and more significant roles in armed conflicts.

For centuries, governments have been an important pillar in the MIC, but they are becoming less and less important.  Corporations have been skipping whole ‘Uncle Sam Needs You’ spiel, instead just recruiting their own armies.

For example, The Shell company relies on a hired army to protect their oil interests in Africa.  This army has been repeatedly accused of human rights violations… settling a recent case for over $15 million.

This trend will continue as corporations grow in power.  Eventually corporations will have their own armies, large enough to rival those of entire countries.  If and when this happens, these armies will simply follow orders, not bound by any rules or laws other than what the corporation sets forth.  Combine this notion with the forthcoming advent of robotic soldiers, and we can see a stark wake-up call…


Luckily, we are fast approaching the day when institutionalized war will end on earth.  Humankind is becoming empowered – individuals all around the world are becoming empowered – thanks to new technology and other developments.  We are uniting on a scale never before seen, and this will allow us to make our world what we want it to be.

The power of solidarity we are gaining will allow us to dismantle the Military Industrial Complex, striking a huge blow to the forces perpetuating war in our world.  Peace will become the dominant force in our world.

Be sure to visit us often to find out more reasons why peace is coming.