World Peace is Coming! – Ending Poverty

In the previous post, we showed how poverty is war, in that poverty is a root factor that leads to violence and war.  So, in order to foster peace in our world, we need to address the issue of poverty.

Fortunately, poverty has been on the decline for many years, which is great news.  As we keep getting rid of poverty, especially extreme poverty, we will keep seeing a corresponding drop in war.

Thanks to the snowball effect, addressing poverty will keep getting easier.  On the one hand, we will continue to develop cheaper, better technology along with more effect means to help people rise out of poverty.  On the other hand, the world will continue to be in a better position to help out those in need.

In 2008, development aid reached a record high of 120 Billion dollars, which is great news.  It shows how the world is coming together to help out the world.  As  long as this keeps up, we will be on track to meeting the UN’s Millennium Development Goals… which are designed to improve the quality of life on earth.

Within the next couple decades, we will have eliminated extreme poverty forever, and will move on to addressing the less severe forms of poverty.  Soon enough, the basic needs of every human on earth will be met, and world peace will manifest itself into reality.  Hooray for peace!!!

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