Wikileaks Supporters Take Down Large Finance Webpages

Last week, Wikileaks released over a quarter million classified US documents, with much initial fallout. Now, it seems, the drama continues.

Groups of internet activists are taking part in virtual protests, disabling the webpages of several large businesses, including Visa, Mastercard and PostFinance.  In what has been dubbed “Operation Payback”, thousands of individuals are digitally voicing their discontent to any company that ended support for Wikileaks.

Some have expressed fears that these latest efforts against financial institutions – which can result in million dollar losses – will give governments and regulators further license to crack down on Internet freedoms.

Of course these concerns are ludicrous. To not speak out against injustice would just enable further oppression. Whenever we see something wrong and don’t take action, our silence is consent.

Plus, governments and regulators have been trying to kill Internet freedom for years.

So keep up your support for Wikileaks. Give the establishment a taste of the world technology is unlocking for us. Let today’s giants see their influence dwarfed next to the power which arises when humans unite behind shared goals on a global scale. Show them who will be in charge in the years to come.

While the transition to a more united world is a gradual process that can take years, today’s events highlight how the great awakening has already begun. These really are pivotal moments we are seeing!

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