Cenk Uygur from TYT is Julian Assange

Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks is Julian Assange. Symbolically, anyway, as long as it means standing up for transparency of government and journalistic freedom.

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One Response to “Cenk Uygur from TYT is Julian Assange”

  1. Phoebe Kuokkanen says:

    The US-led war against Iraq shattered any illusions that the US could bring stability or democracy to the region – a fact that even its staunchest Arab allies are aware of. And there is a growing awareness that both Iran and the US – and in a different way, Turkey – have been vying to fill a political gap resulting from Arab weakness. But Washington is truly delusional if it thinks it can defeat Iran by convincing Arabs that its pro-Israel­i agenda could bring peace and stability, let alone justice to the region.


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