If this was only thousands, just imagine millions

The initial backlash over CableGate seems to be waning, for now. With Wikileaks having released just a tiny fraction – less than one percent -  from the pile of classified cables, who knows what other skeletons will be unearthed or how the public will react.

Transparency is such a scary thing to the establishment. Well, to our current establishment, anyway.

See, so many wrongs of our world are allowed to persist because they can hide in the dark. Corruption and injustice don’t last long once exposed. And, as Wikileaks has shown us, we are gaining the means to shine a beacon into every corner of the status quo.

Take, for example, the distribution of wealth in our world. The cumulative wealth and power from our entire species is allowed to concentrate in the hands of so few at the top while the bottom 20% of the population is left to starve. Something as scandalous as this can only persist in the shadows. No one would stand for such a warped system were it brought under the global spotlight for all to see.

And this is just one (albeit a big one) of the injustices we are likely to abolish as our world becomes increasingly self-aware. The collective consciousness of the world’s people – the hivemind – is growing more and more in tune every day. As this happens, so too do we become more empowered as a species. Recent actions of Anonymous et. al only offer a glimpse of the real forces we are unleashing.

The Wikileaks cyberactivists number in the thousands. Imagine what will happen when there are millions of protesters acting in unison. And not just in cyberspace, either. In the real world, working like huge flash mobs, fighting injustice wherever it rears its ugly head.

Historically, when humans have worked collectively, we’ve been able to move mountains. Soon, as we coordinate our efforts on the global scale, we will be able to restructure the entire world.

Vive La Revolution!

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