FBI Agents Foil Their Own Terrorist Plot, Again

This week, drawing from the Military’s “Manufacture Your Enemies” playbook, the FBI have foiled another terrorist plot masterminded by the FBI themselves, in what has become a pattern.

That’s right, an American government agency has been coercing US civilians to take part in terrorist actions. When their patsy ultimately takes the bait, the FBI swoops in then boasts to the world about the terrorist plot they’ve successfully thwarted.

It seems absurd, doesn’t it? Government agents framing and entrapping their own population… which Orwell novel are we reading here?

What is perhaps more unnerving is the overall lack of dissent over this. Here is another huge red flag that tyranny is descending upon North America. Yet too many people remain unaware, disinterested, or worse, they believe the FBI’s latest shenanigans to be one more necessary step in the struggle to keep Americans safe.

Fortunately we aren’t all that oblivious.

A growing number of us know what can happen when governments, corporations and the system gain too much power. As our numbers grow, so too do our tools to unite, coordinate and mobilize. The threat of totalitarianism is looming, but the means to fend off this threat is blossoming as well.

Let’s be optimists, and believe that humankind will rise to the occasion to ensure an open future for all!

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