Perpetual War in America

The US has been in a state of war for over fifty years.  So successful has war become that an entire industry profit billions each year from the trillions the US population is willing to squander on war.

Of course, this perpetual war wouldn’t be possible without fabricating enemies to fight or without manufacturing consent from the public. Here’s the game plan for how the media, government and the arms industry collude to maintain war:

Step One – Pick a target, ideally populated by non-white humans with customs foreign to most Americans. Continuously paint this target as a threat to US citizens.

Step Two – When the war rhetoric garners a certain level support, select a key event (either real or fabricated) to justify an armed campaign. Send in the troops.

Step Three – Prolong the war for as long as possible. As support wanes (as it inevitably will) ramp up Step One on a new target.

Step Four – Leave permanent bases with stationed soldiers on old target. Move the bulk of the troops to new target.

That’s the US war machine in a nutshell.

Anything we hear about freedom/honor/revenge/security is most often part of the war rhetoric used in Step One.

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