CableGate’s Forgotten Soldier

Bradley Manning – the US Soldier responsible for leaking over 250,000 classified documents to the whistle-blower site Wikileaks – has been the unsung hero of the entire CableGate fiasco. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been at the center of the international spotlight, while Manning’s plight has remained mostly forgotten.

Even here, on this blog, not one of the many Wikileaks posts even mentioned Manning’s name, until now. Fortunately, it seems that support for the brave soldier is on the rise.

News of Manning’s tortuous conditions, like being placed in solitary confinement without blankets or pillows, has been making headlines. The public is becoming increasingly aware of how the US authorities are using these inhumane tactics to pressure Manning into providing testimony against Assange, to which Manning has not yet complied.

Hopefully he will keep holding strong as the world comes together to lend support. Visit to learn more.

Here’s a news clip of the story:

Marce Elizeche Lando posted the tweet below about Assange, which is just as applicable (if not more) to Bradley Manning.

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