Wikileaks’ Top Tidbits

Here’s a few from the latest round of top Wikileaks stories:

One cable shows how the US conspired to force GMO’s into the EU. The US government bullying other nations to serve corporate interests? How original.

Another cable reveals that Saddam Hussein extended the message “Iraq wants friendship” to President Bush just before the Kuwait War. Consider it a no, Saddam.

A third highlight recounts the tale of Iranian President Ahmadinejad being slapped by the Chief of Staff. LOL!

Out of the 250,000 cables they have in their possession, the people at Wikileaks have released less than 2000. It sure would be nice if Wikileaks were to embrace more of the transparency they espouse and open up the cables to crowdsourcing. If they’ve got such a backlog of secrets, let us at them already!

Maybe they aren’t just milking the cables to stay relevant and they do know what they are doing. Perhaps slow-leaking the secrets is the responsible choice.  Assange does seem like a smart guy, after all.

On the other hand, considering how the leaks themselves are being leaked, we might just get lucky and see a new torrent garnering thousands of seeds very soon.

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