Ted Williams and the Self-Aware World

Ted Williams – the homeless man with the golden voice who landed a home and a job within two days because of a viral video – is just the latest example highlighting the power of the Internet.

A week ago, we discussed how the voice of the world’s poorest will emerge from the darkness as the entire world begins to get connected online. Here, with Ted Williams’ overnight rise from rags to riches, we have a concrete example of this effect in action.

Human’s are inherently altruistic; it stems from our origins as a tribal species. Granted, not everyone helps out or gives back, but the small fraction that do can make all the difference. This means that the greater the number of people aware of an injustice, the higher the likelihood that someone will rise to the occasion to stop it.

So to eradicate extreme poverty and end the preventable suffering that persists in our world, it is just a matter of increasing awareness and exposing these tragedies to enough people.

This way, even though it may just be a small percentage of people who actually do something, the combined efforts and willpower will be enough to create the change we need. And this is precisely what is happening we become more interconnected: the plight of the world’s poorest is increasing coming into the light.

Throughout the transition to becoming self-aware, humankind’s inherent social nature will be kicking in to help make the world a better place.


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