There’s people dying in the streets here!

People are dying in the streets! Seriously, millions of humans perish every year from starvation and millions more succumb to diseases that would cost pennies to treat.

Sure, it’s fantastic that we’ve halved the number of people living in extreme poverty in the past thirty years. That is great! But lets pull together, as a species, to ensure extreme poverty is completely eradicated within 15 years from now.

Wondering where the money is going to come from? Ending starvation could be done for an estimated $195 billion a year, which may seem like a lot but it amounts to just 15% of what the world already spends on war.

Yet money is just a small piece of the puzzle. A bigger issue preventing us from creating a more just global civilization right now is the pessimism that permeates the world’s consciousness.

Not enough people believe that ending extreme poverty is possible, nor do they believe that humans can get along well enough to create a world of peace. This lack of optimism leads to a lack of willingness, leaving one’s natural talents, voice and willpower to be squandered.

But this pessimism will cease as more people come to see how great things already are, and how awesome they will soon become. For example:

As these and other rational reasons to be optimistic come to light, we’ll see a revolution of optimism gradually unfold around the world. More of us will awaken to the real, growing power we have to make a difference, and more of us will contribute our energy to improve the world in which we live.

Together, we will stamp out injustice from our world.

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