Tunisia: A Sign of Things to Come

If yesterday was a milestone for Tunisia, today was a monument: President Ben Ali has fled the capital amid strong pressure from Tunisian dissenters. The ruling class has not yet been ousted, but this movement is unlikely to stop until the revolution is complete.

The Tunisian people have felt neglected and mistreated for too long. Confirming the people’s suspicion, a leaked cable has exposed Tunisia’s repressive regime to transparency, adding fuel to the fire. And now, via sites like Twitter and posterous, the collective fervor of Tunisia’s discontent is being effectively coordinated and mobilized to effect real change.

Pay attention to what is happening to the 10 Million Tunisian people, for the same social revolution is happening on a global scale, albeit more gradually.

Much like with Tunisia, our world has a corrupt ruling ‘family’ that hogs too much for themselves while a good chunk of the planet is left to suffer. This injustice has persisted pretty much since the dawn of human civilization, but it will soon change forever:

A social revolution is happening all around the world, and the Internet is helping bring it to fruition.

As the likes of Twitter and Facebook (and their successors) increase the world’s interconnectedness to unprecedented levels, our species will gain an entirely new degree of self-awareness.

From this, we will see how most of the world’s people are not that different from ourselves. We’ll learn how the vast majority of us can co-exist without killing each other.

On top of this, thanks to freedom fighters like Wikileaks, the hypocrisy and corruption that permeates our world’s system will be dragged into the light. Injustice will have no where left to hide. No more will today’s extremes of wealth distribution be tolerated if it means millions of preventable deaths every year.

And, just like in Tunisia, we too have been harnessing social media and instant tools to organize and channel our discontent. Humankind’s collective voice will effectively counterbalance the influence of our planet’s dominant institutions, allowing us to manifest a more just global civilization.

Eradicating extreme poverty. Ending institutionalized armed conflict. The world we are already in the process of creating is sure to be AWESOME!

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