Eisenhower and the War Machine

(Eisenhower telling us to beware the war machine, of which he was part.)

50 years ago President Eisenhower forewarned the world to the threat of the Military Industrial Complex. War, if we let it, will take health care from the sick, shelter from the needy, and food from the hungry.

How much did the US heed Ike’s warning? Take a look:


Who pays for most of the world’s war? None other than the very same people Eisenhower presided over:


The mighty USA doesn’t always rank too well compared to other countries, but when it comes to squandering precious resources on senseless armed conflict, the US people are right to shout “We’re Number One! We’re Number One!”

However, this trend is unlikely to last too much longer. The bulk of the American people are growing tired with wasting their taxpayer dollars on war. They are getting fed up with a lot of other political and governmental nonsense, as well.

It is only a matter of time until Americans awaken to see how so many of their problems are symptoms of a failed political system.  Democracy in the United States has been corrupted by influential institutions, so much so that the actions of the US as a state no longer represent the will of the people.

Don’t think that the US people have gone too far on the crazy train to stop it. After all, most Americans are just regular human beings, and we humans can do anything we put our minds to – even take apart the war machine.

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