Joe Rogan vs The War Machine

UFC color commentator, stand-up comedian and former Fear Factor host Joe Rogan has never shied away from sharing his opinion with anyone who will listen. In the video above, we hear several of Joe’s sound clips overlayed with visuals to create a scathing portrayal of America’s Military Industrial Complex.

As usual with Mr. Rogan, expect strong language.

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One Response to “Joe Rogan vs The War Machine”

  1. Just a Hairstylist says:

    Just a hairstylist:
    Wow this guy blows my brain, seriously love Joe Rogan. You really have no idea how ignorant you are until you start being more informed. Met this hansom charismatic guy recently who told me to check out this blog. World peace really it,s hard to wrap your brain around, but it got me thinking.I truly believe first peace begins within second at home then within your community. If our nation can spend ridiculous amounts of money on vanity in a bottle can or tube why can,t we market word peace? Tipping point anyone? If have have read this book you will know that anything can spread world wide from viruses to Opra,s book club all you have to do is put the message in the right ears. Just Imagine! Thank you for opening my eyes and brain. Keep living the dream and I’ll be sure to pass this blog on to everyone I know. Forever grateful.
    Just a hairstylist


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