Comedian Louis C.K. Kills People With His Car

Just one of the brilliant things said by Louis C.K.:

“I drive an Infiniti. That’s really evil. There are people who just starve to death – that’s all they ever did. There’s people who are like, born and they go ‘Uh, I’m hungry’ then they just die, and that’s all they ever got to do. Meanwhile I’m driving in my car [kicking back music blaring] having a great time, and I sleep like a baby.

It’s totally my fault, ’cause I could trade my Infiniti for a [less luxurious] car… and I’d get back like $20,000. And I could save hundreds of people from dying of starvation with that money. And everyday I don’t do it. Everyday I make them die with my car.”

While no one should really believe he’s killing people with his car, Louis’ joke does reveal an underlying truth. Even though we have the means to prevent it, millions of people starve to death every year.

Unlike Louis C.K.’s solution, helping the world’s poorest doesn’t mean we have to sell our possessions and live in poverty beside them (although it wouldn’t hurt for us to moderate our consumption levels). No, we can keep our high standard of living and still help out the world’s poorest.

The real poor in the world – not the moderately poor we see in the streets around us – but rather those who live in extreme poverty, they don’t need money so much as they need opportunities. A hand up, not a hand out, to become empowered and able to help themselves and their own communities climb out of poverty.

Sometimes, this hand up comes in the form of teaching new techniques or sharing new technology. Other times, it’s a matter of empowering the population as a whole so they can demand more from the establishment.

And no, eradicating extreme poverty is not too hard to do. Extreme poverty has been consistently declining for years, and this struggle will keep getting easier to fight. We’re expanding our knowledge base and developing new tools all the time. Plus, as our world keeps getting better, more people rise to a position were they can help out those in need.

Don’t let pessimism dominate your thoughts when it comes to humankind’s future. Great things await us all!

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