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We’re Coming Together Like Never Before

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Twitter enables instant global communication to a massive audience. Facebook fosters the formation of huge communities that cross borders and culture barriers.

Only a few years old, these two technologies have already increased humankind’s social cohesion to unprecedented levels. Now just imagine where we’ll be in a few years time, as millions more come online to become Netizens.

There will be hundreds of millions of minds, all working in-tune, all processing information from the rest of the world as it happens. The self-awareness we’ll experience as a species will be incredible!

With such an encompassing eye into our world, some important truths will become known to enough people to really make a difference.

To start, we’ll see how the vast majority of humans, no matter where they come from or what they believe, can actually co-exist peacefully with almost everyone else.

As well, we’ll learn how powerful we can be when we work together. The force of millions of individuals working in unison can readily overthrow corrupt rulers and counterbalance even the world’s most influential institutions.

Ultimately, we’ll awaken to the reality that a better world is well within our reach. Amazing things, like eradicating extreme poverty and ending institutionalized armed conflict, won’t seem so impossible to achieve the more we work together on the global scale.

Technology is bringing us together like never before, and we’re harnessing this new empowerment to manifest a world with less and less injustice. What an amazing time to be alive!

Loss of Life in Libya

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

In the above video we see regular humans, armed only with rocks and an unbreakable will, face down uniformed combatants bearing fully-automatic weapons. This is just one of the hundreds of shocking videos which have leaked out of Libya.

The gunmen from the video, who were recorded executing Libyan dissenters at close range, were foreign mercenaries. Unable to cope with being rejected by his nation, Gaddafi has been paying out big money to anyone willing to slaughter unarmed civilians.

But not all of Gaddafi’s forces knew what they were signing up for. Some are simply peasants from neighboring countries, tricked into believing a job opportunity awaited. Then, upon arriving in Tripoli, they were armed and told to shoot Libyan protesters or be shot themselves.

These tragedies highlight just how imperative it is for the rest of us to remain vigilant against tyranny. Power corrupts. Given enough time, even the most benevolent and kindhearted ruler can grow to become a dictator, willing to do the unthinkable to maintain their grip on power.

We need more democracy and transparency in our political and economic systems. We need ways to hold accountable those we entrust with power over society. If we don’t keep fighting for our freedoms, we might end up like the Libyans – facing the death penalty just for speaking out against injustice.

Fight for Freedom Extends to Croatia

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Croatians have included themselves amongst the growing list of citizens rattling the pillars of the establishment. Earlier today, upwards of 15,000 demonstrators rallied in opposition to Croatia’s Prime Minister. Dozens were injured as incensed protesters inevitably clashed with riot police.

What’s the Croatian’s beef? Their corrupt leaders are hogging too much for themselves while the bulk of the population gets the shaft. It’s the same story being played out everywhere on earth, to varying degrees.

But not for much longer.

No more will humankind tolerate such an unbalanced distribution of wealth, if it means billions are on the verge of starvation. No more will we idly stand by while fellow humans are exploited and made to endure unnecessary suffering. No more will we accept war in our world.

Times they are a-changin.

It’s Revolution Time!

Friday, February 25th, 2011

(The stage is set for revolution.)

The Middle East has seen some remarkable transformations over the past few months. Demonstrations are sprouting up across Europe, UK, US, India, and China. South Koreans are sending balloon messages northwards, hoping revelations of revolutions will help fuel the unprecedented uprisings in North Korea.

A great awakening is taking place all over the planet. Awareness of the inherent inequalities and injustices of our world’s system is spreading. Something that has been brewing for countless years is finally coming to a boil.

The best part? Everyone is free to get involved with this great turning.

Don’t worry, it’s not too hard to join in. While it doesn’t hurt to arm yourself with knowledge, memorizing Sharp’s “From Dictatorship to Democracy” or studying Europe’s Colour Revolutions might be a bit much.

Really, involving yourself with the movement for a better world can be as simple as having hope for the future. That’s it. Just dare to dream.

One of the most important ingredients in the creation of a more just global civilization is for more people to feel empowered. When enough empowered individuals are willing to openly demand more from the establishment, the powers that be will have no choice but to cater to the will of the people.

So why not play a role in one of humankind’s most monumental moments? Don’t worry about sticking your neck out if you don’t want to. There are ways to stay Anonymous while fighting for freedom.

The time for revolution is now. The next few years will be fundamental for the formation of a free world. We cannot just wait for our rights to be returned… it is up to us to take the power back.

The Coup de Grâce in Libya’s Revolution Draws Near

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Muammar_al-Gaddafi(No human should hold unchecked power, especially not this guy.)

More cities have aligned with Libya’s opposition party, bringing 90% of the country under control of the independence movement. Left to fall is Tripoli, where highly-paid foreign mercenaries are violently upholding Gaddafi’s bid to stay in power.

The circulation of rumors that Gaddafi has been shot caused a sharp drop in oil prices.  Another unsubstantiated news site claims that one of Gaddafi’s son’s has joined the protesters.

The end of Libya’s blood-thirsty oligarchy still draws near, even if these rumors prove false.

Gaddafi is ultimately responsible for the murder of several thousand innocent civilians. The Libyan people, having lost so much, will not stop until their merciless tyrant is gone.

If Gaddafi does somehow elude the wrath of his people, it’s likely he’ll still be held accountable for his crimes against humanity by the world that witnessed his atrocities.

A Different Perspective on the Middle East Uprisings

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

New technological tools offer us a different perspective on the uprisings in the Middle East – from space.

Activists have put together an interactive map highlighting the various events taking place across the Arab world.

middle east events

Here’s another map, showing present political divides in Libya. Note how most of the cities are aligned with the people’s bid for independence.

Libya Divided

Tunisians Triumphant, Egyptians Elated, Soon the Whole World

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

(2 Million Egyptians voicing their support for the Palestinian people)

A month ago, Tunisians were overjoyed as their oppressive dictator was forced out. This week, millions of Egyptians filled the streets to celebrate the fall of their corrupt President.

The weight from 30+ years of oppression has been lifted from the shoulders of the Egyptian people. What a glorious feeling it must be!

Paralleling the million-strong demonstrations sprouting all over the world, 100’s of millions of people are in the process of fostering an even bigger movement, one which will confront all tyranny on earth.

Now that humankind finally has some effective tools for ensuring transparency within the establishment, we’ll grow to expect and demand more of it from our political and economic systems. This will be great for our world, since transparency will help to expose the corruption within the system.

Given the instant nature of our world, it won’t take long for awareness of injustices to spread to enough people to make a difference. And, considering the way social sites provide the means to coordinate and mobilize groups of unlimited size, we’ll soon have the leverage required to counter even the world’s most influential institutions.

A world full of empowered humans, with the means to keep tabs on those entrusted with power, will be able to ensure the world’s system more accurately reflects the will of the people.

We’ll continually create a world with less injustice, less exploitation and less human suffering. Our species will finally end large scale armed conflicts and eradicate the scourge of extreme poverty from earth.

Rising up together, we’re challenging the corruption within the world’s system to manifest a more just human civilization. Given enough time, the whole world is likely to do the same as our fellow freedom fighters and relish the revolution.


Latest on Libya

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Warplanes have been bombing protesters in Tripoli, although a few of the pilots defected rather than massacre crowds of people expressing their discontent.

Several diplomats and the Minister of Justice resigned in protest over the killing of demonstrators. The Libyan embassy in London has shown their allegiance to the protesters, replacing Libya’s flag with one of independence.

If your wondering why you should care about Libyans, it’s similar to why you should care about Egyptians, Tunisians, or any of the millions around the world fighting for freedom.

In many ways, Libyans are just like us. If they can overthrow their tyrannic leaders to create a democratic system, it means there’s hope that we can do the same.

Libya Pleads for Our Help

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

“They are killing unarmed civilians. … Help us by supporting us and … put pressure on Gaddafi…. Ask him to stop killing us. We just want to live free!”  Chilling words from a man in Libya, fearful of being bombarded for bypassing the Internet blockade.

Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators have been massacred by Libyan security forces, and the death toll is climbing. Soldiers are firing high-caliber ammo from automatic weapons on funeral processions, and mercenaries have been dropping anti-tank bombs on unarmed civilians, all in a bid to calm the uprising.

Fortunately, members of the Libyan army have joined the people’s revolt, fighting against Gaddafi’s security forces to liberate at least two cities.

Murdering large numbers of citizens when the world is watching burns a lot of bridges. It’s too late for Gaddafi now. His days as ruler will soon be at an end.

It’s a shame that he didn’t just leave without causing such a devastating tragedy.

Demonstrations for Democracy

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

Increasing numbers of humans are taking to the streets, demanding more from the system. Following on yesterday’s who’s who of revolutionary nations, here’s some more countries with freedom fighters taking up the cause.

China has tossed their hat into the ring, with protests planned across the nation. Chinese authorities are taking the preemptive approach, arresting top members of the dissenting ‘Jasmine Revolution’ group.

Clashes between peaceful protesters and henchmen for the hierarchy left at least two dead in Djibouti.

The Kuwaiti government have their fair share of dissenters to debase.

Syrian’s move one step closer to democracy thanks to the thousands taking part in public demonstrations.

Jordanians have kept their protests going strong despite being brutalized by the state’s paid enforcers.

The Moroccan people couldn’t wait to protest as riots broke out prior to today’s planned demonstration.

Apart from the heavy-handed police forces and the unfortunate casualties, these demonstrations are a beautiful thing to witness. It’s humankind rising up together, and our collect efforts will help build a more just global civilization.