Demand More From the Establishment

(Dream with Me – Hamza Namira)

The revolutions taking place around the Arab world are a good thing for everyone on earth. These millions-strong demonstrations have caught the attention of our own leaders, and should have them thinking ‘What if that happens here?’

As if to lend support to this point, Kuwait’s Amir granted each of his citizens 1000 dinars (about $3500US) just 3 days after a Tunisian revolution successfully ousted the president.

Governments and regimes need to be kept in check. It is crucial to the well-being of a population to occasionally rise up and rattle the establishment, just to let them know we do have teeth and we’ll use them if necessary. The more we hold our leaders accountable to us, the better the system will serve our interests.

So demand more from the establishment. Look for a more just distribution of wealth. Cry out for open democracy. Let it be known that we want more transparency within the government. Ask for equal rights for every person on earth.

While we may not ultimately get everything we ask, we’re likely to get more by asking than if we just stay quiet. Plus, the louder our collective voice grows, the more our leaders will have to cater to our demands and help make our world a better place.

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